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  1. What sad news, I went to Scotland for two weeks ferreting with him, a peaceful fella he was, rip Andrew a fellow hunter
  2. Teircel the matter was over months ago, you seem to think you can talk to anyone as you please as if your above them, you need to consider how you word your PM's because I very much doubt its how you would confront people to their face, im not cocky mate, I wasn't the one claiming to of caught hares before your dad was born lol, everyone seen the last thread and have made up there own minds let's leave it at that, like has bin said, there plenty posts on moochers of lads getting out there doing, the mods are spot on, not wanna be police officers or power hungry, in fact after our last dispute
  3. Hearing from teircel that the mods on this sight are willing to pass on details of lads to the law, over a legal post like the shot and retreived hare has just put me off having any input to this site, I've stayed a member to stay in touch with a few fellas I've spoke to on here over the few years I've bin on over pm, not to sound like a repeating record as this matter was over months ago, but i was mentioned in the post lol, cheers to the lads for the kind words ?
  4. Thought I would let you all know im done on here, just bin threatened by a mod (teircel) that they will pass my details on to rspca because of a pic of a shot and retreived hare, I always thought this site was going downhill, but mods working with rspca ?
  5. This is the video Tomo, looks like Venus is a sharp bitch, would love to see her work ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YwscylHcLDg
  6. My dogs keep me happy mate, and the freezer is always full, for me it was fun to sit back and watch duke when he was pup learn a few things, unfortunately rew dint seem to get many catches on cam, I recall having one that day that bolted into into the air and duke caught it in mid air ?
  7. It was probably around dukes first time ferreting up there like i say it was start of last season, rew is the one with the Romeo pups Cheers ?
  8. My saluki cross isn't out of Romeo mate just lurcher to lurcher, he was young on this video, it was start of last season, all dogs struggled that day, think it was the bumps in the ground that was making dogs struggle on the strike ?
  9. Another video rew has put together of an early season ferret trip we had with tomo and vin, Thanks for looking Part 1 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu8YDrqsKtE Part 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=40DWqBKh7HM
  10. Cheers lads, that run in particular haiddheliwr I was of ferreting a set on myself and lass ran a rabbit which was trying to get to the safety of the warren rew and Richard were ferreting ?
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