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  1. Any idea how the pup he has now is bred? I’ve a bitch here at nearly 8 out of snipe that’s doing her job very well and a pup out of her Just getting going atb sci
  2. Got an 8ftx8ft double kennel for sale if your interested,
  3. Couldn't tell you mate only pups from that litter I know about are kura Nelson and pepper
  4. As almost 100% sure peppers only had one litter, yeah threw nice pups mate got 3 close by
  5. Seen pepper, and 2 of her pups from her, a friend is also out with another of her pups and rates him highly, she's only had one litter hasn't she?
  6. Was this dog bred by rubyjet? Seen its litter mate go a few times and also pups from her litter mate go
  7. Shaunovderby did I bump into you at Sutton elms show?
  8. I never got to see Jodie work unfortunately but from what I'm told she seen her fair share with pics to prove it, my bitch has turned out well so I have no worries, only thing is I wish I could put more infront of her, I can't put big numbers infront of her but with what she does see she keeps me happy, thanks for the feedback Jim, I know ive said it for the last season (or two) but I will get over and see you with my bitch, ive attached a pic of some of the bitches from the same litter as mine
  9. Bitch from snipe x Jodie, how many bitches did he go to?
  10. Thanks for the replys, Jim are they all out of snipe? I'll try add a picture of my bitch from snipe x Jodie later when I get on my laptop, seen you've been doing well, I can't put no where near the numbers infront of mine as you do with yours, but what she does see she keeps me more than happy, how many bitches dos he go to?
  11. I know ive posted this post a few times but not been on here for months and thought id ask now they have another season under their belts, just wondered how they were doing, hope they are all keeping their owners as happy as mine is, any feedback would be great as always good to know how the relatives of your dogs are getting on, cheers sci
  12. Good to see your still out and doing abitate, if you ever want to see erns half sister run give me a shout and we will get out
  13. Gutted for you mate, followed his progress since day one, as you know I've a bitch her that's half sister to ern and bred the same way, in a few years if she Carrys on the way she's going and I decide to take a litter off her there's a pup here for you free should you want it,
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