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  1. Marsh Lad

    Chipper smith

    Yeah,he’s getting about a little, good dog man spoke couple of weeks back
  2. Marsh Lad

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Heinz 57
  3. Marsh Lad

    The Places Ye Get To See

    This pup of mine can’t wait
  4. Marsh Lad

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Oh yes !!
  5. Marsh Lad

    Ugly and happy

    Happy days John
  6. Marsh Lad

    Made up

    Nice one John,Ewan’s pup shaping up lovely,catch up with you tomorrow
  7. Marsh Lad

    Odd couloured rabbits

    Always nice to get one to two that makes you smile be it blue,black or collared
  8. Marsh Lad

    Dog bus setups

    You been teating yourself fella? or have you nicked the ya old mans motor ?
  9. Marsh Lad

    A walk along the tracks

    I’ll be running the big arable next
  10. Marsh Lad

    First run out

    Thought that my ears were burning nice pics Blackdog
  11. Yeah Breeze bred him and should take the credit
  12. Collie whippet greys just Worker to worker