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  1. Theses things happen ,at least it’s the end of the season
  2. Thin on the ground bitches ,I only know of 5
  3. Proper animal Elvis and that’s a great montage pal. As you know ,I own Ted who is by Tod out of Breezes bitch Jewel . I also have Dice who is Teds lad,both decent hounds that have done me proud. As you say it would be good to hear about more dogs from this line.
  4. Looking well pal ,all the best with them.
  5. I’ve had one for a couple of years in my kennel
  6. I’m out again tomorrow can’t wait
  7. Blackdogs charge has seen plenty ,cracking little dog
  8. Yeah,he’s getting about a little, good dog man spoke couple of weeks back
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