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  1. waz77

    Forestry Work

    Yes it's full on now on most sites, ticketed up to the eyeballs with regular refreshers. You might get away with it on a few smaller private estates but the FC sites are stringent
  2. He was a messer, not into dogs anymore, was into rallying last I heard?
  3. Haix are good boots although not as good as they used to be as they moved production to cut costs and the quality wasn't as good, although I think they've upped the game a bit as they were getting a lot of complaints. Haix Montana were great boots but not in production anymore. You can find them occasionally if you look hard enough
  4. Supped many a brew in Arthur's kitchen, anyone know what time the funeral is? RIP
  5. waz77


  6. Have a look at the Haix Tibet , they're very similar to the Montana except price and colour http://www.haix.co.uk/haix-tibet That's what I replaced my montanas with but they are a much tighter fit, they are at the cobblers being stretched right now
  7. That story was one of the more "believable" stories told by a very well respected, on here anyway, terrier man.I can guess which one :-)
  8. Haix montana used to be the best boots going, but they stopped making them now, only used to be £100 a pair when I first started getting them, were over £200 a pair by time they stopped but still worth every penny
  9. i heard elvis was making a comeback I take it you're a mate of this gav?
  10. I was told this ginger gav had john park's flint when that got stolen, he said he was 100% sure he had had it in his kennels and even offered to help go round and get it back.
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