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  1. kevin em

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    I'll keep an eye out up this end
  2. Jeremy 00 44 7811 170471 for reliable man
  3. You are in great company in that last photo Kev. Excellent pics.couldnt ask for better company Ger great night was had by all
  4. Lol some scandal alright the tickets cost more than the prize
  5. i thought you were hitting on me for a minute Lee
  6. few shouts of a fix might have to bring it up with the committee lolyou will have too submit any complaints you have in writing
  7. lol there was a good few prizes and I can't remember much due too too much cider lol still not fully recovered
  8. ill get pat too put them up mate I don't know how on this thanks for doing a great job in the ring
  9. Digging starting at 12 and the judging too start at one
  10. Good stuff Andy athlone is a lively town for sure
  11. A week away people get the shampoo out lol