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  1. Airwick


    I new I saw that dog before the man that bred him said your way off the mark with his age he's a lot younger than 7 shaneg !
  2. Airwick


    That's the dog you got off PL, is it Shaneg ?
  3. Airwick


    Firstly, when ever the man's name is brought up there is nothing but bitterness and back stabbing. I don't know the man but you have to give Mr Cocker credit where credit is due, he has worked and maintained his terrier for many year's... Secondly let's call a spade a spade, he did sell pup's and a lot of pup's over the year's and told blatant lies about the way his pup's were bred which is wrong in my eye's if you part your hard earned money you entitled to be told the truth... I douth he was complaining when he was taking money from men !! I seem to remember seeing it posted that he was giving out about the people that were breeding off the stuff he sold, what dose he expect that people won't bred these dog's that's very silly on his behalf! From what i take from this whole Cocker saga is don't sell pup's if you don't want your name out there !! Don't call anyone that sold pup's as Cocker blooded dog's as peddler when it's clear for all to see that the man himself was breeding whole sale for some year's !!! Sorry to the man that originally started the topic it's been a good one between the bull s@#t...
  4. Airwick


    I'd say very little, but maybe I'm wrong !! My experience of people like Neil is they are dreamers and alot of the time they believe there own lies !!! There is a guy that lives in my village that act's like Neil all sweetness and nice, he used to tell lies about a local pub owner until he found himself in court for slander. It's funny how thing's go.
  5. Airwick


    Neil you seem to be a very petty man with a vendetta against this guy Pat ! All you seem to be able to do is trough dirt his way when people challenge you about stupid stuff you've said, and my god you do talk some dribble... I'v been reading post on here now for quite a while and you seem to think your the resident expert on just about every thing that's posted !!
  6. Airwick

    Amazing Photos

    Stunning photo's them
  7. Airwick

    .177 Air Gun

    Lads thanks for all the replys
  8. Airwick

    .177 Air Gun

    Well just wondering what your taughts are on the .177 air rifle
  9. Airwick


    Cheers for the replys lad's
  10. Airwick

    Rock Piles

    There's places like that around me but I'd never dear let a dog into them properly stems back from all the older guys around me say never let them in you'll never see them again lol
  11. Airwick


    I've only used cci subs so far and it has no problem spitting them out.. I find changing the mag can be tricky ! Thanks for the replys...
  12. Airwick


    Hi just after getting a Rugur .22 what's your taught in this gun for rabbits and crows ?
  13. Airwick

    Ken Gould

    Hope the show go's well for you..
  14. Airwick


    Hello new to this site I'm into dog's and shooting..