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  1. There’s a lot of sh@te about atm. Even the well bred ones don’t always make the grade. Don’t stop some folk still breeding of them mind you
  2. As long as they look like Wheatens Surely they’re Wheatenstaffpitbullirishstaffpitbullwheaten and maybe a bit of breeding in between
  3. Lad I dig with had a Russell dog fitted a few times on him. We actually dug to the dog one day thinking he was on but he was having a seizure. Then one of my own began taking them also. None were bred from and both eventually were PTS for the right reasons for the animal and our own peace of mind.
  4. That’s wild Are you trying to catch any at all Dido?
  5. I might just do that KD. so it’s fox or otter trap then ?
  6. The trap is 18 inches long and the teeth section is 8 inches in length
  7. The trap is being sold in Ireland. That may be the reason why the design is different from what you would be used to seeing ? Ill find out the measurements maybe it might shed a bit more light on it
  8. Looks very big for a rat trap imo first photo doesn’t do it justice here’s a few more
  9. Seen this for sale £20 says rat trap?
  10. I don’t have believe I have an issue in my property with rats KD Im sure there is plenty more than setting a few traps but since the season is over add the fact a few older ones are having bother with rats I’ve extra time on my hands not being out with the dogs I actually enjoy trying to catch them so it’s a win win situation for everyone Im not looking to be the best pest controller in Ireland but if I get a few results and learn something different for a change I’ll be happy with that Better putting the traps to use and have them set all the time than lying in the she
  11. No mate just doing it to get rid of them Suppose I don’t want them about my place either I don’t mind giving them a hand to catch them would just prefer if they helped themselves to a certain degree rather than work against me by throwing food out. One woman said she had stopped doing it and I caught her out Had a yarn with her daughter and she said mum likes to see the birds I said well she’ll be seeing more rats on the windowsill looking in then if she keeps at it. I actually enjoy trying to catch them have caught a few but now since the warmer weather has came in I
  12. The problem im having catching them in snap or live traps is that the elderly neighbours in the street seem to be feeding them. I’ve had a word but I doubt it will make any difference. They’re terrified of rats and one had a rat on there windowsill few days back. Doesnt stop them throwing food out to the birds Leaving dog and cat food out in the yard Even last week someone had thrown a whole chicken carcass out on the green for the cats and birds to eat This is what im up against Why would a rat hit a trap when it has all the free food it wants.
  13. Jeez never seen them that small before. never thought of that as bait either. neighbour down the street has 2 rats out the back 2 live traps and two snap traps set can’t catch them. maybe try Apple what u reckon?
  14. Either they are big rats Or they are cooking apples ffs
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