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  1. WILF your comment isn’t controversial it isn’t accurate. British money had nothing to do with it, occupation was the reason. The amount of lives that where lost on coffin ships, men women and children that never seen green grass or the light of day again trying anything to get out of what was an absolute hell on earth ( which once was there home ) is what happened. Any that made it few came back and you can’t blame them. So they made lives elsewhere, Australia the USA anywhere just to live. Pawns in a game of chess. Yet they built city’s all over the world and where valued everywhere they came and settled because they where good genuine people and grafters and made something out of nothing and didn’t complain. Times have changed for the better and I hope everyone can live at peace. Unfortunately as history’s story tells its tale. Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. Thats the reality.
  2. Len I’m well aware what the thread is about. You can thank yourself for derailing it as it was you bringing republicans and republican murders into it
  3. Read up on your history and see what really happened during the famine you might need a good percentage of that number to add to the tally. Talk about killing your own when you should practice what you preach. Once you have a rough figure in your head from above add the murders by the hands of British army RIC RUC and Black and Tans. Then add the civilian murders by the loyalist death squads supported by the government armed with weapons and information all supplied by government officials. X2 then you might be close.
  4. The only holocaust in Ireland was the famine and we’re all well aware how that played out
  5. Likewise and I never said it would be easily sorted. It’s far from one sided like the picture you seem to try and paint. Ill leave it at that.
  6. It was a dirty war Chid and like all wars there’s innocent casualties that’s on both sides not one sided. Your only fooling yourself and convincing no one with that bs
  7. I was half right, I know what half you take after
  8. Your native to Ireland but your not Irish. Your British and that’s because your ansestors where planters. Non natives.
  9. Answer this question Len, why would any native to this island any Irishman or woman want there country or even part of it to be ruled by a foreign oppressor against there will? Or even any other country or race for that matter?
  10. Correct as it’s not the first time unwanted immigrants landed on this island. Hardly blinded by hatred as I’m in a mixed marriage. Know the history of my country though and can smell bullshit a mile off.
  11. What he’s saying is the Irish never asked to be invaded to begin with Len think your having trouble grasping that. Thats why the majority of people that live and are native to the island want there country to be free. GB and Ireland were both part of the eu and have both been flooded with immigrants a pointless deflection on your behalf
  12. The reason I quoted the DUP in my other response was because above u asked who would fit the bill the foreigners? So the DUP and there likes where the first that sprung to mind I believed thats who you where referring too.
  13. The Dup got plenty of money for nothing. Millions of pounds from the working class people they stole it and lined there pockets with it. If SF do as you say and run the country into the ground (which I don’t believe will happen) then maybe the Dup could bail us all out with there fortune they’ve robbed over the years and Paisley jr could take a few less holidays a year and use the tax payers money to good use for once. That would be a start.
  14. All above can be said for unionists and there ain’t any room for nationalists on there agenda either. The Dup are corrupt not only did they also take wages for 3 yrs all the other unionist party’s did also not just SF so come off it with that one. Didnt the DUP steal millions of pounds in the rhi scandal and lined there pockets with it? All they’re interested in is power and to show how loyal to the crown they are while in the proceeds attempting to intimidate the native people of Ireland. Now they are saying phrases such as “Irish reunification” and “united Ireland” shouldn't be allowed as its causing a detrimental affect! These are the same people that say words like “Irish border” when in reality there’s no such thing as an Irish border in Ireland. The only border in Ireland is a British one and that’s a FACT no matter what way you look at it. Maybe SF can do something about that and maybe that’s the reason for the hatred against them from certain elements yet the votes length and breath of the country say different.
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