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  1. Hard luck lad Possibly better closer to home only you wouldn’t get it either
  2. Likewise. Plenty dogs and bitches I got some good honest work out of them and looking back I should have took something out of them. Couldnt see the wood for the tree’s at the time. Though it’s gone and passed. Freezing eggs or sperm maybe someone’s cup of tea Work with what u have and know better. Sounds like another money racket to me.
  3. You said I was buddies with the 3 fellas mentioned above. I take from that you reckon I run with dogs thieves. Your wrong on all accounts I accused you of rambling on posting sh@t which I believe to be true. If you were the only one stood up while all else done sfa then you do deserve credit Same time I’d be looking at my circle if that’s the case them men aren’t mates Anyone else ain’t either so don’t be fooled thinking they will You want to do something better off doing it yourself not relying on others. Big bad world out there and crying on here get you nowhere fella Atb
  4. Listen fella no need to get bitter towards me I never robbed your dogs You know who did and you done sfa about it Now your on here giving it the Billy big balls behind a keyboard If you think for one min your fooling me or anyone else with with that bs your sadly mistaken When it came to it you dropped your plums and you know it. Atb
  5. Your right about one thing I do know plenty I know your an asshole I ain’t got time for dog thieves fella Must be some other part of the country your waffling on about now
  6. My end? First I’ve heard of it don’t associate with that type of gentlemen. You got dogs nicked and knew who it was and you never done anything..... Yet your gonna get to the bottom of that fellas birds being nicked lol Like I said your full of sh@t Your blowing more hot air than a tumble drier
  7. Did you not have dogs nicked as well fella?
  8. Your clearly not the sharpest tool in the box fella. All your doing is stating the obvious. If this place gave out awards for sh:t talk they’d need plenty you for sure would be at the front of the queue
  9. They knew were they where going regardless
  10. Thieving scum everywhere Keep your place tight and your circle even tighter. Big ££s on any mongrel now days. The whole lot is clean F**KED
  11. Good job glad he’s came out the other side for you. Best of luck with him and fair play to you for the effort you put in to getting him on the mend.
  12. Best of luck with the pup
  13. Regulations may well have changed from I worked in the industry, which has been a while now. It was standard procedure though for a long time. Worked with a fella who spun a loaded bolt in his hand one day showing off.It went off into his forearm.
  14. Seen some horrific messes working in abattoirs over the years myself, majority was the incompetent staff. That was the only tools, along with a knife I had for the job. They weren’t back street abattoirs, 3 well known companies and 1 prob one of the biggest in uk so I’m not arguing with that.
  15. Used bolt guns on horses for years in the abattoir. Same for deer and cattle. Smaller guns for lambs. Make an imaginary cross between there eyes and ears and that’s where u place the bolt
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