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  1. Thieving scum everywhere Keep your place tight and your circle even tighter. Big ££s on any mongrel now days. The whole lot is clean F**KED
  2. Good job glad he’s came out the other side for you. Best of luck with him and fair play to you for the effort you put in to getting him on the mend.
  3. Best of luck with the pup
  4. Regulations may well have changed from I worked in the industry, which has been a while now. It was standard procedure though for a long time. Worked with a fella who spun a loaded bolt in his hand one day showing off.It went off into his forearm.
  5. Seen some horrific messes working in abattoirs over the years myself, majority was the incompetent staff. That was the only tools, along with a knife I had for the job. They weren’t back street abattoirs, 3 well known companies and 1 prob one of the biggest in uk so I’m not arguing with that.
  6. Used bolt guns on horses for years in the abattoir. Same for deer and cattle. Smaller guns for lambs. Make an imaginary cross between there eyes and ears and that’s where u place the bolt
  7. Fair enough statement. Never seen an all round saluki x lurcher in my life Horses for courses
  8. Be handy dogs to have in a lot of scenarios. Not everyone’s cuppa tea. If it doesn’t suit you why, put it down? Best of luck with them
  9. Why are you commenting for? You don’t know and are going by what you heard or were told ? Do you live in GB or IRE ?
  10. Sometimes better to say nothing than an idiot response.
  11. Plenty of hearsay on this That doesn’t mean it’s anywhere close to accurate! I may be wrong but I’ll put my nose out and say there was some of the best dogs about in NI Co. Armagh for a long time
  12. The apple never falls far from the tree
  13. Take your tongue out of his ass for goodness sake
  14. Heard it was only full off assholes anyway. Big girls blouses trying to stroke there own ego and be something they’re not. Bunch of fannys. On here not much better mind you
  15. This “Terrier Lounge” sounds interesting! Never heard off it! Can i get an added on? Please and Thank you What a complete load of SHIT
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