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  1. Is the show in North Armagh not on this year? I heard it was! Or is it just not advertised, for various reasons? Pmsl
  2. There’s a lot of sh@te about atm. Even the well bred ones don’t always make the grade. Don’t stop some folk still breeding of them mind you
  3. As long as they look like Wheatens Surely they’re Wheatenstaffpitbullirishstaffpitbullwheaten and maybe a bit of breeding in between
  4. Lad I dig with had a Russell dog fitted a few times on him. We actually dug to the dog one day thinking he was on but he was having a seizure. Then one of my own began taking them also. None were bred from and both eventually were PTS for the right reasons for the animal and our own peace of mind.
  5. ? That’s wild Are you trying to catch any at all Dido?
  6. I might just do that KD. so it’s fox or otter trap then ?
  7. The trap is 18 inches long and the teeth section is 8 inches in length
  8. The trap is being sold in Ireland. That may be the reason why the design is different from what you would be used to seeing ? Ill find out the measurements maybe it might shed a bit more light on it
  9. Looks very big for a rat trap imo first photo doesn’t do it justice here’s a few more
  10. Seen this for sale £20 says rat trap?
  11. No mate Was lying in bed the other day and heard the noise again myself for few seconds Im convinced it’s them valves on the piping in the attic. They are right above our bedroom and that’s where you hear the noise every time sounds like scratching but it’s not it’s more of air and water trying to pass through them valves Ive given up believing there’s anything with a heart beat up there at all When the noise starts it doesn’t last long and the kids in other rooms think it’s above their rooms also but it’s deffo not
  12. Sorry KD I got your pm and replied I don’t think you’ve received it though
  13. I’ll await patiently on your verdict ?
  14. Yes I would be close enough to nature Last night I was out in the garden and could hear 2 foxes calling each other The fields would be across a busy main road but not that far away from the houses The kids and the woman said they heard the scratching and it sounded like it was scuttling across the ceiling I haven’t heard that just what sounded like scratching for a split second or 2 Have dogs penned in garden a dog In the house but it doesn’t get further than the utility room
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