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  1. I don’t have believe I have an issue in my property with rats KD Im sure there is plenty more than setting a few traps but since the season is over add the fact a few older ones are having bother with rats I’ve extra time on my hands not being out with the dogs I actually enjoy trying to catch them so it’s a win win situation for everyone Im not looking to be the best pest controller in Ireland but if I get a few results and learn something different for a change I’ll be happy with that Better putting the traps to use and have them set all the time than lying in the she
  2. No mate just doing it to get rid of them Suppose I don’t want them about my place either I don’t mind giving them a hand to catch them would just prefer if they helped themselves to a certain degree rather than work against me by throwing food out. One woman said she had stopped doing it and I caught her out Had a yarn with her daughter and she said mum likes to see the birds I said well she’ll be seeing more rats on the windowsill looking in then if she keeps at it. I actually enjoy trying to catch them have caught a few but now since the warmer weather has came in I
  3. The problem im having catching them in snap or live traps is that the elderly neighbours in the street seem to be feeding them. I’ve had a word but I doubt it will make any difference. They’re terrified of rats and one had a rat on there windowsill few days back. Doesnt stop them throwing food out to the birds Leaving dog and cat food out in the yard Even last week someone had thrown a whole chicken carcass out on the green for the cats and birds to eat This is what im up against Why would a rat hit a trap when it has all the free food it wants.
  4. Jeez never seen them that small before. never thought of that as bait either. neighbour down the street has 2 rats out the back 2 live traps and two snap traps set can’t catch them. maybe try Apple what u reckon?
  5. Either they are big rats Or they are cooking apples ffs
  6. Staffy what’s that bait your using in them Bc’s ? Hard to see in pic Cheers
  7. No mate Was lying in bed the other day and heard the noise again myself for few seconds Im convinced it’s them valves on the piping in the attic. They are right above our bedroom and that’s where you hear the noise every time sounds like scratching but it’s not it’s more of air and water trying to pass through them valves Ive given up believing there’s anything with a heart beat up there at all When the noise starts it doesn’t last long and the kids in other rooms think it’s above their rooms also but it’s deffo not
  8. Sorry KD I got your pm and replied I don’t think you’ve received it though
  9. I’ll await patiently on your verdict
  10. Yes I would be close enough to nature Last night I was out in the garden and could hear 2 foxes calling each other The fields would be across a busy main road but not that far away from the houses The kids and the woman said they heard the scratching and it sounded like it was scuttling across the ceiling I haven’t heard that just what sounded like scratching for a split second or 2 Have dogs penned in garden a dog In the house but it doesn’t get further than the utility room
  11. It’s a proper head wrecker Im coming to the conclusion there’s nothing there and it is the old heating system in the attic Thats only for piece of mind though I can’t explain the noise as it sounds like an animal scratching at the plasterboard and in different rooms different times of day and at night I do live in a built up area around 200 houses in my end alone and there’s other developments around us I am at the end though and there is fields close to me if that helps any Cheers
  12. Thanks lads No deffo not birds Can’t explain it at all I know there’s neophobic rats but not camera shy ones That camera was up a week and the noise was heard twice just above two different rooms sounds like it’s right on the ceiling scratching then it just stops Random times morning afternoon Opposite rooms one at gable of house at rear other at Front joined onto next door proper head wrecker this
  13. Just an update. Camera up in attic a week today not one motion detected. Myself and partner heard what sounded like scratching the other day in area close to pipes and where the camera was facing. I went live on the camera and there was nothing there. None of the traps activated Still no answers
  14. That’s what I’m thinking Camera been up over 24hrs now Nothing
  15. Heard it earlier myself again Scratching noise in one spot and then sounded like it was scuttling across the plasterboard in the attic Didn’t sound like birds on roof or In outside guttering or aerial blowing about Got up to investigate and found this under insulation looks like old chestnut shells best thing about it is no chestnut trees near my home have a trial cam set up so will let yous know results cheers
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