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  1. nice pup after all the fuss you ain't gunna keep it? probs end up with highest bidder.........
  2. how did you find the bigger dog on stones and tight turns on hill northern light
  3. how would their stamina compare to a collie or hound cross mick in my experience a lighter smaller dog is best suited to run all day and the larger dogs blow up quicker also seems that down here the bigger heavy dogs cant seem to turn or accelerate as quick as the smaller nimble dog on the steep banks and rocks and they seem to pick up less knocks thanks
  4. never heard of that done f.o.d.r i cant see what that would bring to the table that a fell or welsh hound wouldn't other than being a touch faster trail hounds don't have to search or drag a line they are just laid on and off to go
  5. what do they cast like on open hill Daniel and how was the hound x bred thanks
  6. my type of work wouldn't be without one with hound blood in i think hound blood or collie blood is a must good feet good stamina good jacket but most important of all you need independence and they need to be willing to search for hours sometimes not seeing or finding a thing for a few days on the bounce
  7. Dabhand


    i struggle to keep the weight off in the summer when not out with the dogs walking and stuff makes the fat fall off
  8. Dabhand


    but cant walk up a hill
  9. nice to see an old fox dont get to many of them these days suppose they are up against it more now faster cars and more roads not to mention night sights ext
  10. some good points and i agree i just feel people look down on terriers they call scatter bred how many years did stevens have terriers and how many times did he go out for matings or draft terriers in
  11. is the merle one out of a bitch called blue that came from Yorkshire?
  12. its got to start somewhere rabbit hunter! would you use a dog that was unrelated to yours if it was an outstanding worker and better than any dog you had in your kennel and producing good terriers?
  13. people look down on scatter bred terriers and i cant for the life of me understand why it has to start somewhere all the black terriers originate from the same place people chase the lines and the big names rather than proper working terriers there is many a man to scared to go out of the kennels to use a good dog or see others work and ive seen a few men end up with nothing or crap coz of kennel blindness put pride to one side and take your best bitch to the best dog you can source
  14. been there done it let them use a dog only to find the litter for sale on Facebook i took 1 pup for service and gave it to a lad that was struggling and he also had him for sale few months later
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