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  1. See pheasants fed on maize with that type fat on them
  2. Had our last shoot today bagged 9 birds its been a good season for us we only put 300 birds down and we have shot 181,60% return its our first season hope its not beginners luck
  3. del1234

    Scarcity Of Pheasants

    No wild stock about never been a shoot in the area our birds were released on 25/6/2016 we are 8 guns and we have put allot of time and effort into the shoot the land owner is a shooting man and is on our side all the way like i said we are on top of the vermin plenty of feeders good water system plenty of cover and we dog the in good keen members who put the time in so we are reaping what we have sown
  4. del1234

    Scarcity Of Pheasants

    Nearest shoot is at least 5 miles away and they release 200 more than us
  5. del1234

    Scarcity Of Pheasants

    On our little shoot seeing plenty only put 300 down but already shot 33% we have plenty of feeders on top of the vermin we dog in have plenty of cover or maybe we are having beginners luck but at the moment we are still seeing birds coming back and around the pen at night
  6. del1234

    Collie X Jack Russell?

    Can only give it a try some good dogs have come out of accidental mateings once he sees the other dogs working and having fun he might want to join in and if he comes to not work at least your wife has still got her pet but nothing ventured but allot to gain
  7. Had springer x jack a few years ago used here for roughshooting ferreting / marking she was a cracking little dog looked like a small springer would open up when close to any game
  8. del1234

    Meat South Wales

    yes your right we will be there 7/6/2016 companies name is happy hounds
  9. del1234

    New Member

    hi all new to the site love my rough shooting and all things hunting will be great to chat to like minded people thanks