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  1. My old s200 loved them and I'm pretty sure there made by h&n
  2. I'd only say £250 for the gun and scope it looks pretty used with plenty of rust on the barrel How much test is left of the bottle?
  3. I have a bsa scorpion se in .25 . If your just wanting it for up to 20 yards then deffinalty get one. Just remember if it's Over 20 yards ull prob be better off throwing the gun at it, Cheers.
  4. Welcome to the forum bud
  5. I'll be up for this. I'll chuck the kayak on the car to for some bassing down the south hams after.
  6. Thanks for the replys. I just bought a weihrauch silencer so can't wait to try it now.
  7. Got one of these on a .177 bsa ultra and it seems pretty loud. It states .22 on the packaging so does this mean there's a option for .177? It's not exactly a cheapo silencer so would have thought it would have been quieter Any advise.. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for today Mick it was good to get out. And I did slip off to the pub straight after for a few pints See you Friday night. Cheers.
  9. It's just a group on fb bud. It's split in to different regions depending on what part of the country you are. The main aim of it is to keep the greys getting anywhere near the red squirrels are living To be fair it has a lot of followers and a lot of greys are getting dispatched Also while walking the dogs yesterday I met a bloke walking a lurcher and we got on about this fb page and as you do 20 mins goes pass nattering and he told me where reds have a good strong hold up towards Hawes in the dales. . Which today I'm going to take a drive up there knocking on doors asking i
  10. The grey area is on fb and I've been a member for ages totally legit bud.
  11. View Advert Theoben rapid .22 Up for sale is my rapid As you can see it sits in a custom ambidextrous stock. It also has a custom silence which makes it very quiet. It shoots flawlessly Comes with single shot tray but no bipod or scope Advertiser 8shot Date 07/05/19 Price £600.00 Category Airguns  
  12. Are you back up north mate or you still visiting family. . Could do with another day out before I go back to work. Excellent photo skills from the camera man I might add. Lol
  13. Does the safety catch still work . And where would be the best place to get a trigger guard. Cheers.
  14. What boat is that size matters?
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