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    Brand new: Seeland Buckthorn Short Over-trousers, Mens Medium. Free postage included. £50.


  2. View Advert Seeland Buckthorn Short Overtrousers Brand new: Seeland Buckthorn Short Over-trousers, Mens Medium. Free postage included. £50. Advertiser ratkilla Date 29/09/22 Price £50.00 Category Clothing and Footwear
  3. Thanks for your response and input on my question Phil, definitely was helpful.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm selling a Air Arms S200 and all the kit to go with it. I've shared details what I've got going with the bundle. But not sure a fair price to sell it for? Anyone in the know of what's it's worth please let me know. Thanks. Air Arms S200 .22, With magazine attachment-Two ten shot magazines, Silencer, Scope:Nikko Sterling-White Crown 4-12 x40, Rod for cleaning barrel,Bag for gun, Superdome pellets-300 or so pellets left out of 500,Scuba tank and attachments ready to fill gun, Logan gun lamp and battery. Bundle is located off of M25 J6 RH8, if anyone is interested.
  5. View Advert Harkila Freja Trousers Two: Harkila Freja Lady Trousers, Willow Green. Brand New. Two sizes: 40 & 42. If I wore longer trousers I'd keep them for my self being a man even if they are ladies. £130 each or £240 for both. Thanks. Advertiser ratkilla Date 25/09/19 Price £130.00 Category Clothing an
  6. Blaise, Are there any government employed badger diggers, to help remove them year long if they are a problem say on railways, roads, agriculture? Or would they have a local club come in and control them?
  7. Instant experts from both sides of the pond on this thread
  8. Groundhogs do slash,cut deep wounds, knock out teeth and smash sinus cavities, they can inflict some serious damage, but to dig groundhogs successfully you need a small terrier that can get up to one quick before they dig away but that one terrier that's great on groundhog will get pushed around by a coon or will be to hard to work a coon and pay the ultimate sacrific. If your into groundhogs then you need a dog for that job but if your wanting a terrier to successfully work coon then a groundhog dog is miles away from being the dog for the job.
  9. Rippem I'm calling bullshit that your young dog killed a 28lb coon in quick fashion...sick of reading crap on these forums writen by Americans as if they've got wonder dogs that trash coon. Easy to fool men who've never seen a coon worked but you can't fool everyone, I've read a few of your posts and you spout nonsense about terrier work in the USA...sadly terrierwork in the states doesn't have the best of names due to men like you. A coon is no push over and much harder than any fox and far more durable, they will also damage a terrier as much as a big dog fox. Possums are pure rubbish and an
  10. That's true! Just need someone who can run a solid bead with the welder.
  11. Yeah that's what I meant about putting a 5ft or 6ft bar with that fitting if it could take the abuse
  12. How well would this joint work if you had a graft head that you could either screw in the handle or a bar, would the bar work with it?
  13. It should be compulsory that every owner knows how to use and owns a parting stick in the event of if that dog ever did make unwater contact with anything the owner can control it, so many idiots who own dogs that shouldn't own them, there should b a test to see if you can handle a dog before owning one of such caliber.
  14. I'm needing a greyhound collected from J23 Magor services on the M4 and taken as close to Danegal Ireland as possible. Can anyone recommend a shipper or any shippers on here? Thanks I didn't know where to post so please move mods to appropriate section if need be.
  15. To many pros if they legalize it, it doesn't take much thought as to how everyone in society would benefit from the legalization of cannabis, its a banned substance and they don't have much control over it as it is, legalize it and let everyone benefit from it.
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