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  1. worldruler

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    that's exactly what my brother did
  2. worldruler

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    not at all mate, it's because of the way he has behaved afterwards, not because he rehomed the dog, had he been upfront and honest then there would be no issue but he hasn't been at all, that's basically it
  3. worldruler

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    the guy was asked to come back to us if he had any problems and didn't and is now cagey with my brother when asking how he is getting on, we have kept in touch with all the other owners only this guy has been awkward and difficult, so in my opinion he is being a c**t, he could have got back to us he had our number and our email, but he never did any of that, he punted him and wouldn't tell my brother anything until today.
  4. hi all I'm trying to trace a dog which was bred by my brother last year, the dog is about 10 months old now and is a bull grey deer, he was initially sold to a guy from Paisley who we have just found out claims to have rehomed home to a farm in what I assume is the surrounding area, not once did he contact us for help as we advised to do when he took the dog in the first place. Any way if anyone has received or knows anyone in the West of Scotland who has taken on a pup in the past few weeks or past couple months then pm me, pic is the last one we have of the dog, we just want to know that all is well cos the c**t who had him is giving us a sob story which doesn't seem entirely believable. cheers jon
  5. worldruler

    Be a year old soon

    can you drop me a message if you'd be looking at this kinda breeding again? Nice looking animals
  6. worldruler

    pup wanted summer time

    hi mate, I'm not worried about this season, I'm being made redundant at the end of June so will have some time on my hands so it's a good time to get a pup i feel, if you know of anything drop me a message
  7. worldruler

    pup wanted summer time

    hi all I may be in the market for a pup this summer, specifically bull deer grey or wheaten blood or wirehaired pointer blood, basically must have a coat due to the weather up here, be a bonus if based in Scotland too, if you have anything like that planned or know anyone then drop me a pm
  8. worldruler

    bull deerhound

    hahahaha no mate I didn't take one eventually that's the new owner
  9. worldruler

    bull deerhound

    here is an update on a couple of the pups at 5 months old, the black and white bitch is the smallest and is still nearly 19" to the shoulder the white dog is over 23" already so nice leggy pups don't have pics of the others but my mate was pleased with the dogs anyway
  10. worldruler

    Into the Wild ..Chris McCandless

    book was amazing the lad had all the right intentions I think, bloody sad for his family though
  11. worldruler

    strange sightings when out and about

    hi yes I did, he said that he did ask and that he had never been to the hebrides before, born and bred Edinburgh. He is still married to my aunty and confirmed the story too, so who knows.
  12. worldruler

    strange sightings when out and about

    my dad told me a yarn about a time where he was out river fishing(rivers here are not like mainland rivers big pools are only about 20ft across max) with his brother and 2 brothers in law in the 70s, it was raining and they were all wearing oil skins, they were a couple miles off the road which itself was only a peat road, when they see this guy walking towards them across the moor, he walked to within about 10 feet of the other side of the river bank and stood there silently, he was wearing tweed and no water proofs with a big beard, he didn't say anything didn't seem to get wet or acknowledge them other than looking over. My dad's brother in law and my dad both ex army, told him to eff off if he was just gona stay there and stare, he wasn't there long when he walked off the way he came without saying a word. Anyway fast forward a few years my dad was visiting his sister who by now had divorced her husband and introduced my dad to her new boyfriend who was identical to the guy they saw staring at them even down to the tweed and the beard
  13. worldruler

    strange sightings when out and about

    No worries, but that's a big statement man, how can you be so sure about anything? Science doesn't even know why we sneeze, and a few hundred years ago we were SURE that we were the centre of the universe and the sun revolved around us, our whole existence is a bit of a bloody mystery to be honest.
  14. worldruler

    strange sightings when out and about

    na man, I've been to Richmond park, used to work in Chiswick, maybe he saw a overly hairy tramp, seen some nice red stags there years ago though
  15. worldruler

    strange sightings when out and about

    looked kinda like a bubble but solid, that's the only way I can explain it but it wasn't clear was opaque