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  1. mnnewry

    lurchers (breeding)

    aye, I probably have it wrong, he did say it the dog was mainly saluki with a bit of greyhound, I don't know the breeding. he did say the dog is about 9 year old and a really good dog in the field,
  2. mnnewry

    lurchers (breeding)

    Northern Ireland
  3. mnnewry

    lurchers (breeding)

    thats what i was thinking, could end up racy a alsatian
  4. mnnewry

    lurchers (breeding)

    Window cleaner has an Alsatian bitch (protection stuff), he keeps it round his place for guarding, excellent with children very protective, anyhow his Saluki lurcher dog (7/8 sal 1/8 grey) stuffed her (accidental breeding), 6 pups, offered me one but unfortunately I don’t have the time for it. The sire he tells me is out of the Red dog Saluki.
  5. mnnewry

    May backtracking

  6. mnnewry

    Cats & Ferret

    Depends on the cat I assume, never had a problem with mine.
  7. mnnewry

    Black And Tan

    Yes Neil there was a strain of Lakeland brought to Newry I believe in from Dundalk, a few of us had them, they were known to throw the occasional chocolate one. The grandfather of the one I had was chocolate, one bark if even, near mute and any fox was dead if you didn't get in quick enough. Mine wasn't a fox killer but he worked them tight, grips on most. Not sure of the blue, but they were hell of strain, gone now I believe.
  8. mnnewry

    Black And Tan

    Tandragee was great, one of the earlier shows in the year, memories of that show that stick out for me was the strong dog class and the lurcher jumping, I remember a chocolate/ liver collie xthe heights he was scaling was unreal. A pile of us headed up from Newry, had a great day out, then back home to the pub for far too much drink, good craic tho,
  9. mnnewry

    Black And Tan

    As there has been a few discussions about the Tandagree show, I won working Lakeland and overall working terrier with that dog above - not sure, Neil but you might have been judging, was about mid 90's
  10. mnnewry

    Black And Tan

    My first Lakeland a while ago now, some fox dog, never had or witnessed better,
  11. mnnewry

    working wheaten lines

    Seen 3 wheaten crosses in the field, first was, 3/4 wheaten 1/4 staff x Russell, very good dog worked till he was about 13 years old, second was a son out the first put to a straight half Russell/ Lakeland, only seen this dog and a few digs, didn't impress, third was a Wheaten / Russell bitch, straight half I believe and was small, pts 2nd season too much abuse, seen a straight half wheaten / patterdale in the yard looked like he seen a bit, too big for my liking,
  12. mnnewry

    working wheaten lines

    When I first started out in the game a fair few years ago, I was at a mates kennels, he was an ex club man, kept a few terriers, lurchers etc I was there to buy a ferret, his lurchers & terriers were housed in block pens outside the pen was a dog box, when I walked in2 the yard a Wheaton (it was a 3/4 Wheaton 1/4 staff, but threw well to the Wheaton) walked out of the box, he was on a chain, didn't growl, bark or anything like that and the chain was loose, I remember the dog was just staring, my mate just said calmly "dont get too close to him" just knew rightly that dog knew the length of that chain, I kept my distance,
  13. mnnewry

    Loch Lomond

    Great pics, looks like u had a cracking time