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  1. I thought the joke about alopecia was actually really funny, obviously Jada didn't, but that's hair-loss !
  2. she and her family owned and ran a hotel and restaurant in adernau by the ring too, great place with a fantastic atmosphere, wont be the same in future
  3. was there really no one closer that needed a shit???
  4. eggy74

    badger ham

    I only clicked on this thread as i thought it was some sort of euphemism for lady parts.
  5. tony benn was spot on with the nhs in his "boat race" analogy many many years ago, nothing has changed and nothing will until those working there have the threat of losing their jobs
  6. odd how the chinese community have never had an issue, or the indian community, or anyone other than the black community really, what do the want? maybe get the tea shops to start selling zebra on a stick ?
  7. eggy74


    cheaper to get a rubbish clearance guy to take it away in his tipper £10/£20 to dump green waste, so he shouldnt be charging you a fortune
  8. 1 hours charge equals a best of 44 miles range !!! am i reading that right? f**k that, its a 500 mile round trip to visit my dads place in rural wales, no chance of charging overnight there, so at least a 4 hour wait in a station to recharge. and that is for the best specced model i read the other day toyota are still researching and developing hydrogen
  9. they are two seperate appliances, cannot run them off of the same fused connection the one for the over may have been too low an ampage rating
  10. as one of the possibly 300k people in the uk alone who are immunosuppressed, i wont be having it. dont know if i get a pass by the authorities though. dont really care about the travelling tbh, just want to get back to work.
  11. i would like to see some beaver activity myself
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