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  1. Similar groups as my 150y old model 1867 rolling block.
  2. Could be rewilding some Lynx instead they hold the deer population low almost clear their home area.
  3. Strange they thought Muntjac to be vermin but wanted visit by badgers and fox.
  4. Here in northern Sweden being a member of a moose hunting club costs about 400£ / year and you get about 30-50kg of meat, the majority of moose teams hunt with dogs. A smallgame (including roe and lynx) lease cost about 50£/year.
  5. Yes I know about UK deer caliber , the Wolfdog are from Mississippi they do probably have 22cf as a minimum for deer. Its strange UK dont allow 223r for roedeer.
  6. For do it all i .308w from fox to moose I have used Hornady 165gr sp, Norma Oryx 180gr and Nosler Accubond , moose are the what makes the limit of bullet choice. I wouldn`t choose a match bullet for do it all up to deer in 223r I would use a softpoint like a Norma 62gr or Sierra Game King. A bullet I want to try are Red Moose Tarvas. https://www.redmoose.eu/tarvas_bullets/how-the-tarvas-bullet-works
  7. Some pistol shooters I know use a eye blocker for one of their eyes. For older shotgun shooters who lose the sight of their dominant eye an offset mounted red dot can work , one gunssmith made a new shotgun rib offset to the left, an other option is a custom made stock from the right shoulder to the left eye.
  8. There is a HiViz sight with a tube in front of a fiber optic rod what you ony can see with your eye straigt in front of it. Please Wait... | Cloudflare WWW.BROWNELLS.SE
  9. The angle of the end of the sheath indicates its from northern Lapland the blade looks a bit different as most blades are scandi grind.
  10. Premium ammunition A box of 20 Norma Oryx .308w cartridges costs 860sek/£72. A box of 100 Oryx bullets costs 1099sek/£91, a can of 500g powder 499/£41 (enough for about 180 .308w cartridges, 350 223rem), Primers 65sek/£5,4 for 100. = £137,4 for 100 rounds of .308w ammunition, with range pick up brass. Accuracy 35mm /100m for my reloads never tryed factory. A box of Lapua scenar competition ammo costs 1250sek/£104 for 50 rounds. The bullet only costs 710/£59 for 100 my rifle will probably shoot them 25mm/100m as my reloads. I expect factory ammo to do about the same.
  11. Its amazing how different English regulation are to Swedish here we can only use an air rifle for target shooting a .17hmr are only allow for small game like rabbit/crows not fox but we can use 222r for roedeer and lynx. A new hunter here are considered needing 4 rifle/shotguns for example .22rl smallgame/practice, 3006 moose/bear, 12g shotgun for hare/wildfowl and maybe a 223rem or a second shotgun. Experienced hunters can have two more if they can explain how they are going to use them for example a 6,5*55 for birds in top of the trees a semiauto shotgun for goose/ a light 20g for grouse sho
  12. I have a cheaper red dot on my combination gun 12g/222r (sold a 12/6,5*55) it works well for fast shots on closer range. I also use a military model Aimpoint on a service rifle, about five years of battery life if you forget to turn it of. Most manufactorers buy a cheap diod and cover it so only a small area are shown Aimpoint buy one in the right size it makes it appear rounder and to have long battery life.
  13. "I like the nordic model. Big wages (Not me), high taxes (Yes) which even the right accept as morally just (Yes most of the rich people accept the taxes but Sweden has very generous ways of tax avoiding for rich people not for workers who pay the main part of the tax). Result? No tent cities, no child poverty (Child poverty exist but the level are lower than in UK), dignity at work no matter what your status (Migrant truckdrivers are not getting dignity on work, and the Swedish ones are priced out). The nordic people actually trust their politicians (nope many polititians trade their values aw
  14. It could be worse it Poland has 1,4 and many of the young are working in other countries their children are taken care of by the grandparents.
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