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  1. I mostly use a cheap 1-6x scope its better to have a 1, 2 or 3 as the low end magnification as you may have time to turn it up but you are not going to have time to turn it down if an animal show up on close range.
  2. It looks big on what rifle it would be more normal size on a TRG42
  3. Last time I bought LR primers the usual store only had cci benchrest primers for about 20$/100, and they dont list primers on internet now.
  4. UK has a very complicated system for firearms permission. Then I need a firearm here in Sweden I fill in an internet form for the rifle/gun i need (need is for hunting or competition shooting) send it in wait 4-6weeks and gets my firearm license. The firearm officer may have some questions if you want something unusual but mostly they just give you your permit if you have hunting education or are a member of a sportclub.
  5. 41£ for 1m3 mixed wood 56£ for birch.
  6. How much volume have a building bag? Firewood are about 50£/m3 dropped in sacks volume.
  7. Whats a nice mould is it for 22Savage? 22 Savage were popular in Europe for combination guns great for roe deer or capercallie.
  8. Yes its nice I have pictures on some threads here from some hunts I have made. Its easy to find hunting opportunitys but low density of animal populations and not so many people. You are welcome to come and try it.
  9. I buy a day lease online for 5-30£ , I hunt mostly grouse, capercallie and beaver in northern Sweden.
  10. Young male wolfs can run 1000km in search for a partner and an available area, female young wolfs do also search for new areas. As long as they can find new areas they dont stay in their parents packs, a pack in sweden are most likely a parent couple their last year cubs and their new cubs. The older cubs are going to search for a new revier before the next year.
  11. Then nonlead rimfire ammo has become available enuogh we can be sure lead will be banned so some manufactorers may think they stay with lead as long as they can while new companies will develope different options to take the new market space. A new problem for me I bought one box of steel 12g ammo and two boxes of bioammo(.com) the steel ammo has a maximum recomended choke improved, the bio ammo has a minimum recomended choke of improved, for the normal lead loads I use I have improved cyl, and improved choke tubes. Will I have to change choke tubes every time I take the gun out????
  12. The sami kalendar has eight seasons wich are more correct for our area. now Spring winter -Spring -Spring summer -Summer -Autumn summer -Autumn -Autumn winter -Winter Meteorlogik spring 7 days with a medium temperature over 0c has not happened yet, so its still winter but it may be next week.
  13. Spring-winter is a very nice time of the year, we have minus degrees during the night and several degrees on the plus side during the day. Fishing on the bothnic bay during easter. Mating season for black grouse and capercaillie. The isroad over the lake are still open.
  14. There are alternatives but they may not shoot as good as lead bullets and not carry as much energy to the target for hunting. CCI copper 22 has a bullet of a copper-polymer mix it weights only 21 grains. EU are going to vote about a lead ban this year, the only suggested extemptinions are seal hunting , hunting for birds in top of trees and shooting ranges with lead traps of steel.
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