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  1. It looks like the Sierra work fine. H&N have a 165gr flat point for 3030. https://www.sportec.se/produkter/handladdning/kulor/tc-kula-3030-308-165-hs-100-st I have the 125gr HP. https://www.sportec.se/produkter/handladdning/kulor/hp-kula-30-308-125-hs-100-st
  2. I did some plinking rounds for my 300blk. H&N 125gr cupper plated HP lead bullet Vihtavuori N120 9,5gr Murom small pistol primer. =0,25£ Accurate? Good enough for fox to 100m.
  3. Now have I bought a Stalon Victor silencer without need for a license , I do need a license for for rifle of a fitting cal. and it must be threaded with a fitting thread to be legal. If I sell my threaded rifle the silencer are illegal to posess , to sell the silencer I have to check if the buyer has a licence for the rifle and has to try it on to see so it fits the threads I do not have to register who the buyer is(It still very confusing rules the government and the police have different interpretation of the new law).
  4. I have used radios while moose hunting in a team with 20+ hunters spread over 1500ha, about 2-3 dogs are typically released and their handlers are walking over the area. The radios used can be heared 1-3km.
  5. KimE


    Yes some dutch and german immigrants in the North, in the Urban south its more southern immigrants.
  6. KimE


    Northern Sweden, nice house 80000£ fixeruper 25000£. Tour own small hunting property With house 100000£. 1-2 hour flight from UK. Day lease for smallgame hunting 20£. Most people speak english.
  7. Yes 277sig fury, its expensive now while Lake City are building a productionline for it after what SigSauer probably can get their ammo out to civilists. It would work for me to neckdown .308w and neckdown and reload to 60000psi. But the action and barrel has to get profed for 80000*1,25. As for now most.270s are twisted for light bullets now you are going to get 160-175gr bullets suited for big game.
  8. KimE

    I have moved

    Somr views from the Grelsby mountain over the Kalix river and Djupträsket lake. Its 21.30 and its half moon and sunshine.
  9. KimE

    I have moved

    While you are bitching aout opportunies you are forgeting about opportunities I can supply to visitors.
  10. KimE

    I have moved

    I am not a great fisherman but you can visit me(for fishig or hunting) and make yourself your own oppinion of the possibilitys up here.
  11. KimE

    I have moved

    I was born in to this climate in october, most times of the year I can find hunting and fishing opponunitys even in the coldest months.
  12. KimE

    I have moved

    Yes what is an ok pay relative to ordinary Swedish salorys, I just bought an expensive house (for the area) for ~60000£. Most jobs are adapted to modern standards and are subject to union regulations. For fishing you just pay the local fee.
  13. KimE

    I have moved

    If you make a visit to me a small game hunt cost about 20£/day. Fishing about the same
  14. KimE

    I have moved

    forestry like me 3000£-4000£ mechanics 4000£-6000£ welders 4500£-6500£
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