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  1. Yes no problem I can make both grouse and moose steak for you.
  2. Nice I was out on skiies today sunny and no wind -21c I had to open up my jacket to not get to warm. I so about 50-60 black grouses on the way out but none on my day permit lease, there I saw a moose in a pine plantation.
  3. I met a ma who saw a wolf in Sweden in the 1970s then they there extinct of cause no one believed him, now we suddenly have a solid population of them.
  4. Ask more questions than you are supposed to need, hunting culture are difficult to describe, explain what you expect in detail.
  5. Its easy to dress then its cold if its -10c you dont have to worry about sweat, adjust your walking/skiing to a speed so you hold perfect temperature.
  6. An illegal slamfire shotgun are easy to make by a couple of pipes try to ban tubing and skrews.
  7. It looks so strange to see white shirts and ties on the moore, here hunters usually looks as anyone in the community. To put in more obstickles for shooting may have opposite effect and alienate more beguinners. Here in the north everyone knows some hunters, most people have eaten game meat, 25% of the male population hunt here and 7% of females, you dont have so much support to ban shooting/hunting then its so embedded in our community.
  8. Have seen one once but not on my hunting ground.
  9. Sorry I dont have wolfhunting in my part of the country. Here are they not allowed to stay as reindeer herding would be almost impossible.
  10. Whats a Lymey? As long as we get exchange from the finnish/russian wolfs they are doing fine, culling are done from family groups with less important genetics.
  11. The Swedish king in the 1790s were afraid of a revolution of the French style so he let the hunting free for common men, never happened in UK.
  12. Accuracy tends to get worse in 222r between 45-55gr copper bullet.
  13. An article about this years wolfhunting in Sweden, bias by animal rights activists. They are going to try to shoot about 70 wolves of a population of about 500 most of the animals are this years cubs so it has only minor effect on the population. The Scandiavian wolf are the same as the europen so they are not endangered. Hunters go home empty-handed on first day of Sweden’s biggest wolf cull | Wildlife | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Hunters allowed to kill 75 wolves from an already endangered population of 460 amid ‘political pressure’ from hu
  14. A lot of roaddeers then I drove to work I had to drive at walking speed so the about 30 reindeers could get around the car. Abput 50cm of snow nice to have a snowmobile.
  15. SAAMI specification for .243win are 1/10 //saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ANSI-SAAMI-Z299.4-CFR-Approved-2015-12-14-Posting-Copy.pdf Then Remington discovered they had a disadvantage for the .244rem its only stabilizing 90gr bullets they had to make a renaming to 6mm rem with a faster twistrate to compete with .243win who had already became popular. A new example are 6,8Westerner who is a shorter 270wssm with a faster twistrate to take heavy bullets. If new ammunition get produced what old rifles cant handle the customers will get confused, of cause a reloader will have a benefit of
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