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    It's in Swansea lol
  2. MH1

    Diane Abbotts Son

    https://www.metro.news/news-in-brief-too-much-air-to-the-throne-as-kate-battles-a-breeze/1890998/ 3rd story down
  3. I have the same problem but I find if I keep my legs straight and a sort of 45 degree angle in front me I get a good stretch
  4. Kept doing my lower back in to the point I could barely move or sit comfortably, was getting shooting pains right down my leg too lol. Gave deadlifts up and only did front squat instead of back squat for a few months. Also did loads of dips and pull ups and just hanging from the bar to deload/stretch out my spine.
  5. Trevose head in the background? Used to stay at the caravan park on the other side when i was a kid
  6. If it's warm enough the dog will be outside on that, never seen him on the floor since I got it
  7. I've got one in the pen, in front of the sleeping box, just a cheapo mesh one from Amazon
  8. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/waterproof-reinforced-hunting-trousers-100-green-id_8367352.html Sound like a crisp packet rustling about but cheap enough lol
  9. I needed a size bigger than what I'd usually wear
  10. Got "working pig" in his ped
  11. MH1

    Storm Ciara

    Just in Pontypridd now, damage is really bad
  12. MH1


    Just looked at the pic I've got from that night and there's hundreds of people sweating like f**k with a boat on top of them
  13. MH1


    Was in this club in Barcelona called Opium, it was so packed you could hardly breathe let alone move, then to make matters worse the DJ started crowd surfing in an inflatable dinghy lol
  14. MH1

    Had my eyes opened.

    Saw some deer localish today which I didn't realise were around here, not far from main roads + towns, but ties in with the locations on the map
  15. I tried to avoid her when she had it but that was no good because I got it a day or two later!
  16. Wife brought that home the other week, i was fuming...how inconsiderate. Week was a write off.
  17. Is it not taught in schools like Welsh?
  18. MH1

    North v South

    Think I've tried crocodile and it was howling.
  19. I'm in no rush mate, just having a look at a few options for the next year or so. You're right though, I've got a lot of homework to do haha
  20. Had a look on a few selling sites and everything is roughly 750 to a grand
  21. What can you expect to pay for ped or non ped types?
  22. .....so where are these sheds Terry?
  23. MH1


    This sort of thing needs nipping straight away
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