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  1. Vangelis hanz zimmer real compossers everything is better if it is there real infront of you best in the world tour way them . Masters professors of music
  2. Greatcrestedbickywingdiver
  3. It all depends on the gaff
  4. Part of massive industry's ravinscraig ect DL steel works all gone but not forgotten
  5. River Clyde contains highest levels of toxic pharmaceuticals in UK WWW.THENATIONAL.SCOT A STUDY has found toxic levels of pharmaceuticals in rivers which "pose a threat to...
  6. Most private shoots or leases never shot there target thats when they contractors are called in no matter whos paying .
  7. Eye thats what its called
  8. Its called rizing above its only the Internet love best leave the land alone is my advice
  9. Calling me next dug bob
  10. As I says before theres only 7 of us
  11. Paying to wild camp lol be jesus
  12. Like anyware in the world local guids or recomdations most people i no are enjoying the tax free life jumping form country to country way a laptop academics can make money anyware education is the key to success if your that way inclined most cant and don't want to settle down. Choices its all out there atb
  13. I gathered that jig i mean yr other runners I bet my mates old dog seen more than most bullx it was worked to the hilt his best mate was a terrierman at a very well-known hunt so it got the work loads of it all great lads wee spend days at some earths good luck jig I like a bit irish blood no everyone went to the fens
  14. Sounds a one off old sonic my mates big fist x killed loads foxes infact I think it dident see anything else head like a big bucket they simply don't make them like they used to thats for shure was none of the coursing dogs as good funny old game the dogs jig atb
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