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  1. Truly amazing beasties , cracking pics fellas a joy to see.
  2. Right camping kettle is coming out the garage and am lighting the log burner tonight and trying that. I wonder if them cast iron kettles are any better ? Got a cast iron frying pan I use in the house and camping , it's seasoned to fook and don't stick and cooks meat lovely on gas or a open fire.
  3. Am kinda on the same thing , but at my business premises. Fookin staff drink brews every 5 minutes. Just got my electric bill, was paying £7000 a year and new bill is £30,000 !! I mean what the fcuk, I no the government is stepping in to help but that's ludicrous. Anyway I actually did think of that idea with a flask. Staff thought I'd lost the plot lol when I suggested it lol
  4. RIP Stu Allan, a famous DJ from Madchester sadly died aged 60. Any fellow mancs will remember Stu from key103 and being an iconic dance dj. I can still remember a guy called Gerald dropping on the dance floor of the Hacienda to Stu doing a set. Stu was a part of us growing up and listening to him in the 90,s.
  5. Was just going to say that ! Disgrace now ain't it
  6. To hot for me and can you even get proper HP sauce out there
  7. This should be good, just finished work bru , packet of hobnobs at the ready
  8. Pure scum lower than the lowest
  9. Jesus he's put some timber on there ain't he. A proper melon head on him lol
  10. Only 6inch digs up near you, the land of milk and honey
  11. Good thread this, I am enjoying it. Nice one fellas
  12. Funny enuff just bought one a axion 2 XQ35, got delivered yesterday. On way to work this morning watched two of them funny fellows and a fox, also a couple of woodys and maggies roosting. I was surprised just how effective it was. Like you say opens up a lot more options for doing stuff. And not getting collared lol
  13. I don't post the Les Dawson days........ blankety blank lol
  14. Anybody any experience with Dutch Herders ?
  15. And not all deer go in the larder because of a gun lol
  16. Bought a second hand frame a Hedgerow Hunter, absolutely lovely looking frame. Proper quality and holds just right in the hand. Went out first light on fields , first shot dropped woody 20 yards ish from top of tree. Can't complain well pleased 1 shot 1 kill. Happy Sundays
  17. Ken I have been melting lead into cattapult shot and I've found it rather therapeutic. Got a bench set up in the garage now for it and use a proper Lee melting pot. Bottle of ale tunes on happy as a pig in sh1t lol.
  18. Same, I read his autobiography years ago and really enjoyed it. But same now
  19. Bonney little dog, shaping up nicely. Allways said to myself, after the my big runners are gone it will only be a little terrier or beddi whippet or small cross along them types as a Moocher
  20. Lol, on a serious note I have started stock piling more logs and wood then normal that I find free on my travels for the forthcoming Armageddon in winter and the fuel bills
  21. All I need is a Rambo knife And my trusty four legged pot licking cur, o and maybe my catty
  22. Thanks will try rattling them in a can. Yeah apparently the bean moulds are rare, how do you rate them firing them and quarry wise ? Cheers
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