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  1. I know I read some bad reviews on them. Mine spent most of there life up on moors in the heather , maybe I was just lucky. But honesty kicked the arse out of em and always decent boots. Coat wise I like paramo now .
  2. Had a pair of Harkila GTX boots , they must be well over 10 yrs old. Been belting boots , I've got a new pair of hanwags but I keep going back to my old faithfuls like a old comfy pair of slippers they are. Coat wise just buy it, your a long time dead. Live a little and enjoy the trappings in life. Dido you sound like a grafter so fek it treat yourself .
  3. Thanks will check it all out . Cheers
  4. I quite fancy doing a paramotor taster day. Looks good fun and right up my street. And looks an affordable hobby to get airborne. I may look into it. And Bear himself never been my cup of tea if am honest but kudos to him for going over Everest in one. I was actually watching a wild camping YouTuber a while back who said his former hobbie was paramotors and it sparked an interest that it could be affordable to us mere mortals.
  5. Society has just changed and not for the better, but I think it's rapidly gone down hill since covid I think. Everything has changed and not for the better. But you just got to plod on and make your best way you can in life and adapt and survive. It's the future generations I feel sorry for and they will have it worst.
  6. I wondered that, always enjoyed his banter and posts
  7. I like it mate, first Audi I've owned. But fancy a M4 next I think, am too old for hot hatches myself now lol.
  8. Raining stones ! Just put it on now ! Fcuk inn class . Ain’t watched it for years . Brings back a manc childhood memories. Also one of actors Ricky Tomlinson, probably the best autobiography I’ve read .
  9. I ad a old battered Scooby forester, that was bombproof . Had fun in abusing it , nowt rarely went wrong. Only downside was bad on fuel and a puller by plod .
  10. Arrrrrr I get ya, think I'd do the same if I saw them hoovering up diarrhoea !!!
  11. Not those too particular motors , but I did have a few discos as dogging buses and was great for pissin about in but reliability was shocking , everything went wrong with em and then some more, they were the td5s. I have no experience of Audi 4x4, but I do have a Audi S5 and it has been very reliable and have been impressed with build quality ect.
  12. How come you give up pork Mac ? Must admit I gave bacon butties a swerve in favour of Turkey sausages or Turkey rashers as a bit more healthy
  13. Yeah I reckon, I was impressed with the other ginger YouTube Ally Law who ran a marathon with him having never done one or run before and turned up in Africa with no proper running shoes or training. Gutsy and full of confidence, I like people like that. Fair play to them .
  14. I have been following him on and off , I like his get up and go. Fair play to the lad.
  15. Gynecologist if , I didn't have massive fred elliot hands with pork pies for fingers
  16. What an amazing but also crazy world we live in so diverse to our own little lives
  17. He wasn't so quick to punch Douglas
  18. I totally stopped watching the fool, but funny enough lad who works for me was telling me this yesterday as he follows him.
  19. Thanks for that, I'd certainly try it !
  20. Excuse my ignorance but what concoction is congee Mac
  21. Soft white underbelly is a cracking podcast, I watched a fair few interviews from some interesting and sad cases. Did you see the whitickers and the help he gave them ? It always reminded me of stoke on Trent lol .
  22. A minshaw that threw to the collie blood, was a grandson of blue.
  23. Litter and fly tipping. Proper makes my blood boil.
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