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  1. Was out round the local football fields last night with my bitch i got couple weeks ago on the lamp mainly just for a walk and and to she if she knows the lamp. I seen a few managed to bag 2 that will be me until shes fit enough for full nights lamping.
  2. Just in now from giving dogs a little road work done 3 miles up hill at 10 mph with dogs off lead just so the could go at there own pace.
  3. Thanks lads I've found some more out about the bitch it came from ireland came some distance to end up in Dundee lol
  4. Aye knew he was talking shit from the get go but the bitch can shift ive seen the footage. I didn't pay alot for her shame it had such a shit start in life and hopefully does the job for me. I'm just curious to see if anyone knows anything about it. I personally like to know what I have. My other dog had him since weeks old know exactly what's in him and what his parents can do. It would be nice to know a little bit more about the bitch as I'm planning on keeping her. I don't beleve in passing dogs around. If the parents are as good and well known as made out someone should know them or at least have some information about it. All the best
  5. Bought a bitch the other week of a lad on fb page Was told the bitch was salukigreyxwhippet and I thought looks handy for a bit rabbiting. Turns out it is a well bred coursing bitch. supposedly the sire is direct out of lucas and mother is a well known daytime bitch on YouTube ect. The person who told me this has managed to find pics of sire and dam and I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has any more information. First photo is the bitch a few days after I wormed her out and got some decent grub into her. Second and third is the sire and last one is the dam.
  6. yeah i think ive just been in the wrong places looking for info and giving some out great forum great lads and some cracking animals.
  7. ive ran out of likes lol some cracking dogs lads and in great conditions great to see all diffrent dogs bred for diffrent things in the one place and none of the bull guys ganging up on the saluki guys vise versa atb for season guys
  8. whats in the rough coates dog now thats my type dogs looking in good condition fair play to you lad. all the best.
  9. yeah you do that but you can pick out the shit talkers from the honest guys on here fb is all about bragging rights.
  10. good to see boys keeping there retired dogs instead of passing them around hope your pup turns out they way you want. all the best with it mate.
  11. thanks alot for the replys boys love this site alot better than they stupid fb groups where everyone cuts each other up to peices over stuff they have no clue about.
  12. nice strong dogs u have mate would like a bull x in the future but id get into to much trouble with 1. all the best with them this season.
  13. cracking pair dogs and photo my first lurcher was similar to your hairy dog and was a machine never had one like him since shame i was to young back then to try get a pup outa him. all the best buddy.
  14. I like a little rough coated dog usually hard as nails but i hardly ever see any beddy crosses down this way as a lot of boys are struggling to find the sport for them. atb with them pal.
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