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  1. Bird yeah mate I think I’ll just hang fire, i am pleased with how the pup is coming on, so that’s why I thought I’d ask fellas on here with much more experience of bringing on Young’s dogs than me, I don’t want to oversleep in any aspect of one dog, never mind with a second. certainly interested in something a bit more robust for the future, there was a chap who used go out with my uncle who had a non ped whippet dog, big lump of a thing for a whippet and he was very capable on some of the bigger stuff. You’re right there though and am really looking forward to getting the pup started on the rabbits this year!
  2. Blackmag yeah mate I do apologise I can completely see were you’re coming from, but i think it’s just a miss understanding and obviously a lack of better wording on my half aswell. I wasn’t describing the animals behaviour as savage, I was describing the dog itself, same again with machine, I’d equally describe an athlete at the top of the game in certain sports as a machine, all’s I ment by this was the dog was in fantastic condition, would never give in and always give 110%. i completely understand were you’re coming from mate and as I say I do apologise. cheers.
  3. Ryaldinhio yeah mate but tbh it doesn’t really make that much difference to me like if she had or hadn’t won, obviously it’s nice that someone appreciates you’re dog, but it’s not the be all an end all. looks like a pretty big pup that mate all the best with him. my bitch is only 18.5 TTS and and 10.3kg so she’s only little.
  4. Only relatively recent one I’ve got mate is this one and it’s from about 4 weeks ago, I’ll get some up to date ones tomorrow and get them up
  5. no mate sorry to disappoint but I’m certainly no anti there really is no other way of describing that dog he was absolute machine! cheers
  6. Cheers fellas Tbh that’s what I’ve been thinking and I’m really pleased with how the pups coming along, and obviously I don’t want to do one dog an injustice never mind too. ive just been in two minds especially after seing other bits and bobs that are about and it certainly gets you thinking! i remember one of my uncles lurchers, is be lying if I said I knew exactly how it was bred as I was only a kid and tbh then didn’t care how it was bred just how it ran! Anyway I know it was at least bull grey, and it was a f***ing savage! Could take some serious stick aswell and just crack on!
  7. All right lads bit of a random post really but as the title says, been completely bitten by the dog bug! after growing up around my uncles lurchers and terriers as a kid and having many days and nights entertainment off the dogs, I got my own first running dog pup back in may ( only a little whippet bitch, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m rather fond of them, and it suited what I was after for predominantly rabbits). really enjoyed bringing the pup on and so far she’s coming on really well, and over the summer having the lighter evenings I’ve been looking about a few of my permissions with the pup and ive been really surprised how many charlies We’ve been bumping in to, it’s surprised me as there is 2 blokes I know of who get about with the rifle. seing the amount of charlies about I couldn’t help but think of the amount of enjoyable nights I had out as a kid on the lamp with the lurchers, and got me seriously thinking about getting another dog, something a bit bigger and bit hardier my pup is 6 months and I’m just wondering what you lads thing about getting another dog, the pups coming on really well recalls good, she’s retrieving defrosted rabbits to hand, jumping well, broken to the ferrets and so far ( touch wood) is there with stock. Obviously she’s still got a long way to go but she’s on her way, I’m just wondering if you think it would be a bit soon to get another dog or reckon it’d be right? Any thoughts appreciated fellas cheers
  8. Kiwi92

    Bull whippet

    Cheers mate appreciate
  9. Kiwi92

    Bull whippet

    All right fellas just curious really anyone run a bull x whippet? or has anyone seen one work? just curious to see what people’s opinions are etc! cheers kieran
  10. Kiwi92


    Smart looking pup that mate All the best with him!
  11. Kiwi92

    First post, new pup

    sorry for such a poor reply fellas been busy with work and any spare time I’ve had I’ve been putting in to the pup! cheers for all the reply’s fellas appreciate it! sirblessed fleet looks a cracking little dog! Brilliant those videos you should be chuffed to bits with him! Cheers
  12. Kiwi92

    First post, new pup

    Cheers for all the feedback fellas really appreciate it Ive got nothing but time to put in to her so really hoping I can get the best of the pup. I always had terriers as a kid I used to use for ratting, bushing and take ferreting with me, grew up with second uncles having running dogs, but this is my first so really wanna do the pup justice. rusky1984 smart looking little dogs them mate Cheers lads!
  13. Kiwi92

    First post, new pup

    Cheers blackmag I’m pretty lucky I’ve got a friend who’s got a bit of a small holding so she’s been going there 2/3 times to start getting her used to being around stck, cheers mate I’ll deffo have a look at that! cheers chunky11 appreciate the input mate Nice one bignapper cheers fella Blackneck cheers mate Shes a full whippet mate, not that it necessarily means anything like but both dam and sire are working parents were both Kc, both the parents come from sooty Sam and strike whilst the irons hot lines. again like not that it really means anything. cheers the reply’s fellas appreciate it!
  14. Kiwi92

    First post, new pup

    Cheers mate Shes 14 weeks tomorrow mate, both parents were workers. yeahh mate no worries that pictures wasn’t taking in my back garden, she just seem to a bee line for it when I was there! any tips or advice would be really much appreciated from yourself or any other members, this is my first running dog so I wanna make sure I do right by the pup! cheers
  15. Alright lads as the title says I’ve never posted on this before so thought I’d put a few pictures of the new pup up!