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  1. Yeh, they are really good if positioned right. IF i get chance i will post a pic tomorrow ( but ive got loads on while its light)but its the same as the atlantic startford one on ebay. im in between middlesbrough and whitby. Its unused and just sat there .
  2. Just ask them, the worst they can say is "no" so its no hardship really. If you get 9 no's but 1 yes its all been worthwhile.
  3. 2 jills. albino and polecat, but can always take more if anyone wants rid
  4. Sparrowhawks. if i had to stipulate i would say both spars.
  5. rabbit drop trap, new , unused. i bought it for a job that didnt come off. they are about £50 to buy. Its just sat in my garage folded up and ready to be made up. First £20 gets it. Prefer not to post but will if i really, really have to. Will post pics if i have to as well, but if you go to ebay and look it up its the same one as atlantic stratford is selling.
  6. If you cant turn it down then i personally would make a tunnel to put fenn traps in and chain it to the branch. Joe public wont be able to see inside and as its not shiny the two legged magpies wont bother it either. The squirrels should enter it and be killed out of sight.
  7. Could be more hassle than its worth. If the public find out what your up to they go daft, if kids find out any traps will be gone or smashed straight away. Ive had jobs ive said no to for the same reason. if you work for a big company its not your money, but if you are a one man band a couple of kanias gone is a big wedge out of your pocket.
  8. crossman air pistol and hollow point pellets.
  9. Set some squirrel traps as was assured there was a destructive squirrel in the garden, set them yesterday baited with monkey nuts and caught this instead!
  10. i tried hugh's nettle soup when i first got a cook on the wild side book. It was really nice which surprised me and definately worth trying. im sure it will be on his website.
  11. cheers bud, im going to have a look there now!
  12. That post makes a lot of sense snapshot. A friend has just got a .17 and he swears the rabbits fall before he has finished pulling the trigger! Hes just got it so i will ask him in a while for a comparison to it and the 22 semi-auto he has, but taking fox to 130 yards sounds perfect.
  13. john, your a star! it will take me a while to work it all out, but i will get there.
  14. Top answer!! youve got your priorities right!1 I forgot about alan hanson and that big nose scouse git who sits next to him- Can i change my 3??
  15. I use the bag n bash method a lot, but the air pistol works fine. To stop the squirrel bounding all over the trap i slip my mole trap markers ( bamboo) down through the grids and it only takes a few to wedge it in so you can get a nice quick kill with no messing about. Ferrets , drowning and electric currents!!!! my my there are some imaginitive people about!!
  16. Was in the pub last night having a laugh when it got round to someone asking if you had 3 bullets and a licence to use them on whoever you liked who would it be! Had a laugh and there was some pretty strange answers but ( at the moment) my 3 "hits" would be tony bliar, john carey, and bernard matthews. With mr blobby and ant & dec very close! Anyone else care to add their "hits"?
  17. Cheers john, that would be great.
  18. the hornets out then!! cheers ditch!. Whats the range differences with a 22centrefire and a .17 rimfire, also is getting a 222 or a 223 mainly for rabbits getting a sledgehammer to crack walnuts?
  19. Im having some great fun with my rimmy, loads of sport and im enjoying it immensely, but already im looking at possibly getting a variation maybe next summer and purchasing a gun with greater range , but whats the norm to "upgrade" to? Is it a .17, a .22 centrefire , or a .223, or what. Ive had some fun with my mates .243 but thats in a different league for what i want. Which is rabbits, and the power to take a fox down if i needed to. This wont be till next summer i wouldnt have thought, so ive got plenty of time to work out what i want but i would like some opinions from the experienced shooters. Thanks in advance.
  20. Its illegal so obviously i havent done it , but when the sea trout come upstream if you shine your lamp into the pools on becks and streams they are there as plain as day ( apparently) . And if it was legal, you could gaff them, or treble hook them.
  21. Cheers boys! you learn something every day.
  22. Ive always thought that hawthorn berries ( and most other red berries) were poisonous but a friend said that ray mears was eating them the other week. Anyone eat them on here and do you have to cook them before they are edible? Any easy recipes whilst there is still a few left on the bushes?
  23. You sound exactly like me. I also would love to know them all ray mears style, but i doubt it will ever happen. Im a bit of a wuss when it comes to experimenting on different fungi, ive got to be 100% sure before i try. My liver is probably already pickled so it doesnt need poisoning as well!
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