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    harris hawk

    Not with the hawk, but i used to have a cat that would stand on my aviary really spooking my bird. Needless to say, i dont have this problem anymore
  2. Yes mate, its a synthetic stock. It can take steel cartridges too so a really nice allround gun and cheap as chips.
  3. thought id post a pic of my new shotty. Its only an escort but i love it . I went out with the intention of buying a o/u but saw this and it was only £300 !! so snapped his hand off. Took it out the other night and christened it with 18 rabbits and 2 ducks so i was over the moon! It fired like a dream and with 3 years warranty i think they are absolute bargains. I am still after a cheap o/u if anyone has one for sale mind.
  4. Theres plenty here!! As for berkshire i dont know where that is! anything north of sheffield gets the generic "its near london"
  5. A tin of dog food ( i was pis*ed) and i once sicked the chinky i ate back up and ate the prawns again!! ( the lad i was with was sick watching)
  6. Feckin hell, i find that funny as. You should have said you were wanting to go out with a lurcher and not just advertise you were into "dogging"
  7. Poached eggs on toast with brown sauce!
  8. I think its all bollox but thats just me.
  9. Its nowt to do with me mate. I got him and he was fu**ed but i stuck with it for a season and we took a good few rabbits, thats all. You are the one who is giving it 100% now mate, and your going to turn him from a crap hawk to a beauty. Your too modest mate. When you have entered him and he has a few rabbits under his belt give us a ring and we will have a look out.
  10. Sun tan lotion and aftersun lotion.
  11. Well done gram. Sounds like youve cracked him bigtime. Really, really pleased your giving it 100% and winning mate, looking forward to reading some more, and an outing or two!
  12. Realised this is in the wrong section! Apologies and could a mod move it? thanks
  13. Ive been using the clulite clubman for some time now with my airrifles and hawks ( 2 of us , 1 lamping , 1 flying / shooting)and think its a great lamp. I am now looking for a lamp to fit on my new rimmy so i can go alone and was thinking about getting the adaptor so i could use this but think it might be a little heavy for me (its a heavy lamp, heavy battery and with all my rabbits i will be laden down ) so was thinking about getting a small logun lamp or one of the other small lamps -tracer etc for the rimmy. Are they any good or should i stick with the clubman?
  14. The Silhouette has a blue barrel, according to your picture and the fact it has a nickel barrel you have CZ Style! Whichever way you look it at the CZ is a superb bit of kit for the money! Deker Hi. is this 100% correct? i arent bothered as its a great gun and i am well chuffed with it but he did say it was a sillouette!, and i wouldnt know the differences.
  15. trappa

    advice needed.....

    You cant give a correct prognosis not seeing the bird but it sounds very much like he is ready for a kill. They can get a bit like immature teenagers all moody and vocal, a succession of kills will mature the bird and quiten it down.
  16. It took about a week to get a letter saying i had an appointment with the f.l.o in 3 months! But fair play, after i saw the f.l.o it was less than a week before my coterminous certificate arrived.
  17. Cheers mate, i will do just that.
  18. trappa

    some pics

    Great pics mate
  19. Ive just been having a root around the garage and have found a box of mixed shotty cartridges. These were from when i was last shooting clays around 1990 . They all look pretty decent so i will have a blast with them but one has gone rusty, the pin looks ok , just around it. Will it fire ? if not, how do i dispose?? thanks
  20. A shotgun certificate can only be revoked if the holder is a danger to the public safety or the peace. As long as you are not a danger to the public you will be granted one. Firearms are different, the boys in blue can use a variety of reasons to refuse, unsound mind,intemperate habits,unfit to be trusted, no good reason for a firearm etc etc. Let us know how it goes. ATB al
  21. I know a lad who had a terrible record but he got a shotty cert. Be honest on the application.
  22. Be careful mate, the one in the centre is similar to deadly nightshade. It isnt that but its very similar so be careful with the old berries.
  23. i just got a .22lr. Theres a picture in the "my new cz" topic. Im very, very happy with it.
  24. i was thinking that. What is it ? and is it edible??
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