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  1. Apologies - I think Whippet Showing has been cancelled this year due to poor uptake in previous years.
  2. The main show is an agricultural show - so depends what you like I suppose. On the dog side, the showing is great with lots of classes, including for whippets, and for the first time this year, Terrier Classes - being run by Chris Hardy. The simo is excellent with a good long course that's changed between heats, and there's straight racing for lurchers, terriers and whippets too. It's a good day out!
  3. Sunday 9th October At: East of England Showground Peterborough PE2 6XE Simulated Coursing for Lurchers, followed by Straight Racing Overs and Unders for Lurchers, and Whippet and Terrier Racing. Booking in from 8.00am Open Showing from approx 12.30 with classes for Lurchers, Whippets and, this year, Terriers, with rosettes and trophies. Lurcher show is Qualifier for NL&RC Championship at Chatsworth 2017 (The day will also feature the British Supreme Lurcher Championship organised by Pat Quant at 10.30am) There'll also be Long Jump and other things to keep you occupied all day! Stalls, food etc too. A good fun day out, well run, and all profits go to support Lurcher Link - lurcher specialist rescue. Part of the Autumn Food and Country Fair - http://autumnfoodandcountryfair.co.uk/
  4. Thanks for that, I'm not familiar with ACDs but grew up with working collies on a dairy farm, and certainly saw a lot of variation there.
  5. I've read that ACDs can be iffy with other dogs. Is this true or something specific to show lines? Hope this isn't a stupid question, but what do they bring to the mix that a good working collie doesn't?
  6. I think in that situation a lot of people would scarper in a panic. I also think they might then avoid finding the owner and settling up for fear of conflict, prosecution and to protect their dog, but actually be more than willing to pay your costs.
  7. Well that depends if you're a decent dog person, who stands by their dog and protects it, or a crap one, who sacrifices your dog to save your own skin I suppose.
  8. That's my point - if the dog had had a number on it's collar, it would never have fallen into the hands of the police in the first place, and would be back where it belongs now.
  9. Well we don't know any of the details so hard to say. People mean different things by the word 'attacked' for a start, and even a steady dog might act out of character when separated and rattled. This dog won't be given a chance now, especially because of its type. I admit mine don't wear collars and tags a lot of the time, when working or even just out and about - particularly when we're in familiar places, but I'm rethinking that now.
  10. Have just watched a bloody tragedy unfold on facebook. A dog (bull lurcher) jumps into someone's car, and is then put in someone's back yard. A photo is put up on facebook asking if anyone knows it. While running free, and presumably panicked, the dog has 'attacked horses and cars' and been reported to the police. So someone tells the police that a dog matching that description has been found. Soon, SEVEN police vans turn up to get the dog - it's almost certain it won't be around for long. The dog is a bull cross in excellent condition, clearly worked, and with a Strong Stuff collar on it. If that collar had had a tag on it too, the finder would have rung the number, the lad or lass would have gone to get the dog and it would never have been on facebook at all, the end. Instead what looks like a good dog which has probably run into trouble and then panicked has been labelled, caught and will most likely be put down... Stick a tag on your dog, write your phone number visibly on the outside of the collar, anything. It could happen to lots of us.
  11. The Deben is much cheaper than the B&F - can anyone tell me what makes the B&F worth the extra money? Thanks.
  12. Anyone missing these two? http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=71906#.U8VtBEi9KSO
  13. Anyone know these two? http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=71906#.U8VtBEi9KSO
  14. Here's my bushing dog. Mostly the lurchers get the glory but every now and then she gets her own. Love her to bits!
  15. One of my friends has a poodle x golden retriever. I really took the piss out of her when she got it, but four years later she's become a hardy, biddable dog that retrieves on land and water, crashes through cover and has a fantastic, no nonsense temperament. May not be a lost cause!
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