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  1. What a superb fox mate, well done. Whats the gun , its a cracker!
  2. It was just over £400 for the gun, scopes , silencer , decent gunbag and a couple of hundred rounds. I could have got the wooden stock set-up for £350 but loved the synthetic.
  3. cheers mate. I fell in love with it when i saw it. Love the synthetic stock too. Went out yesterday and after setting the sights for 50 yards i dropped two rabbits at about 40. Had the chance of at least 6 hares but didnt bother, i dont like killing them and only will if specifically asked. Looking forward to some more outings.
  4. Thought id put up pic of my new gun. cz silouette. 16inch nickel barrel with hawke scopes 3-9 x 40.
  5. well done mate, gotta keep them squirrels down.
  6. Being a newbie to the world of fac guns i apologise for asking daft questions but whats the difference with an open and a closed licence?? As far as i believe an open you can shoot where you see fit, and a closed you can shoot where you see fit as long as the land has been granted approval for that gun? is this correct?( obviously you need permission)
  7. No mate. I went to saltburn but he was too dear so i went into darkest north yorkshire!
  8. Bradshaw and bennet for a public liability fee of just over £400. Basc will offer you insurance for shooting as a sport but for a business it gets " awkward". There is ways round it if you need to save some pennies.
  9. I went out yesterday and treat myself to a cz. Black synthetic stock with nickel barrel. Really , really nice. Money wasnt an object ( to an extent)!! but fell in love with that gun - pics WILL follow. There was a few different and "better" makes, anschutz etc but this was the one for me Let rip with 50 last night just to get the feel, would have been more but weather was terrible. WATCH THIS SPACE!!
  10. Cheers for that boys. big fish, didnt realise it was no-no! wont ask in future, promise!!
  11. Cheers foxy. I didnt use them for my first season and i hated it, my hands were soooo cold it was scary. After that i used the waterproof "gardening" gloves from the poundshop. They are good at keeping hands clean but didnt do much at all for cold. Ive just got some neoprene gloves and used them yesterday for the first time. They kept my fingers warm but were too thick-it was a faff on setting the duffuses. Ive never found gloves a problem for leaving smells!?!
  12. i think you are reading too much into it personally. The shallow runs that allow duffus change all the time, a dog , beast or man walking across the area will cave in a load of the time, and rain collapses them as well. i dont think they can tell by moisture on the traps dripping. As for the traps filled with earth its surely just the mole moving his fresh dug soil to a "blowhole" ( molehill) to push out and i think its just coincidence. I mean when you set a trap you dont set it right next to the castle/ fortress you set it out a bit , this is where they are extending their boundaries , vis a vis, moving earth. Just my tuppence anyhow. ps, while im talking to molecatchers, what gloves do you all use??
  13. Cheers boys. I was also happy about the ammo too. I asked for storage of 600 and to buy 400 at a time, but that came back at buying 500 at a time so he upped it a hundred! Always liked them boys in blue me!!!!
  14. Cheers mate. im fancying the cz varmint ( cheap and cheerful) but wont know for sure till i get there tomorrow.
  15. Chuffed to bits! Got in this morning to find my firearms certificate had arrived. I had a read and was chuffed when i realised it was an open ticket. Its only for a .22 rimmy but its my first fac so was kind of expecting named land. Very, very happy! right .....wheres that chequebook!
  16. Good story ds. When its good its good, but when its bad its horrid. Theres been many times ive been close to packing it in. Many a time i really havent been able to feel my fingers or toes from the cold and ive been stood in a field literally freezing my bollocks off, thinking how the hell am i going to set another 150 mole traps today. And the day i nearly gassed myself with talunex came close to being an all time low ( nearly six feet low!) Oh for a job in an office chatting up the secretary!
  17. Are you sure it didnt say it COULDNT be used in scotland and the following counties......?
  18. Thank you. I rest my case Just for the record i dont poison them, with flying my bird at them in woods and eating them myself when caught or trapped, poisoning squirrel is a no-no in my book, but i was pretty sure it was legal though.
  19. No its not! ^_^ 0.5% warfarin can be used in grain as long as its in red squirrel free counties!
  20. trappa

    UFC 76

    NAH!! youve got more chance getting a wa*k off the pope!
  21. trappa

    UFC 76

    Liddel in first round. Chuck is wanting to come back and come back hard after his defeat. He wont stop till he has the belt again. Saw the interviews and jardine is already shi*ting himself. Griffin to win also, hes a tough kid.
  22. i use monkey nuts, but everyone uses something different.
  23. Cheers boys. I reckon by the sounds of it, its a bit of a free-for-all.
  24. 22 days Wow thats fast, i was thinkin 2 months or so. He was at mine on monday so with a bit of luck i will hopefully get mine in a similar time.
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