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  1. tyson

    brown hare

    ok would you care to explain how it all works for us dumb folk
  2. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    no probs , join us tmorrow if you like , goin to a match then have a run with mr munchausen whos matching tyson?? 2 mates of mine davy and jim f , £500 to the winner , i reckon jim will pisss it , might have a side bet on the day
  3. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    no probs , join us tmorrow if you like , goin to a match then have a run with mr munchausen
  4. tyson

    greyhound vet

    paul evans in oldham , best dog VET in the UK , 07831171262
  5. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    whens the first outing with her then tyson??? ROLL ON THE WEEKEND
  6. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    pm me your number and ill send you FH number
  7. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    is it out of his dog luke ? or is it wrong jb
  8. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    so you got his number the eh? ill be surprised if you come away emty handed cos he got some good uns there
  9. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    thats what i thought they where out the same litter? yes they are , and i guess i just got a case of acute retardedness late last night but i nhave ammended the original post
  10. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    your right SJM , it was late when i posted last night ,ive ammended it accordingly i saw mollys litter sister and brother yesterday , both still running and doin the job even though they are pensioners
  11. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    about 6 or 7 id say , he was HG and JK dog , hes double bred to FH charlie
  12. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    the ICE that brookie had off here
  13. tyson

    FAO BAZ + JAMIE7344

    shes 24'' tts , only saw her run once but she ran very well , me mate from doncaster saw her run a few times and was well impressed so i got her as me mate davy has a few dogs on and aint ran this little beauty for 3 weeks as hes favoring his white dog HITLER out of i think ICE which jst recently died
  14. tyson

    Broken Leg

    cost me just over £700 but hes perfect now and started doing bunnies so hes surpassed my expectations allready
  15. HERES A PIC OF SPINNER WHO I GOT TONIGHT For those who dont know , spinner is bred by CARSON(MOLLY X BOB) X JUDY (MOLLY X BUDDY) I THINK