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  1. My polecat was like that, she would just look down the hole then back at me as if to say" if you think im going down there your off your head fella!" what i did was on the next outing i took my albino who is a great worker, and simply dropped her in with the polecat watching and she followed her lead, realised what it was about a nd turned into a cracking worker.
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    My Fhh

    Nice looking harris. She looks like she has nice big feet. ( beak looks like it could do with coping in top photo!) What has she caught so far ? Looking forward to reading about her kills. ATB al
  3. Top eating boletes mate. Well done. I do quite a bit of mushrooming but the one that i dont trust is the chanterelle as it looks just like jack o lantern(i think) and dont know how to tell the difference. Morels are good but always full of creepy crawlies, and another good one that is easy to spot is chicken of the woods. Its the big yellow bracket fungus that grows on the side of trees.
  4. R-400 Telemetry on 216 frequency for sale. £250 posted. This is the telemetry that is always on the cover of International falconer magazine. It will be going on evilbay this weekend. This is the link http://www.thecatlocator.com/csishop/index.html Poss swap/ part ex for shotgun/ quality air rifle
  5. well done mate, you lads north of the border have got to give 100% in the fight against the grey, i kill quite a few every year but i dont think we will ever see reds again round me. Keep up the good work.
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    English government??? They are all fuc*ing scottish! :shout: At least the welsh get free prescriptions! we have to pat nearly seven quid a shot, i cant afford to be badly!
  7. Why do they always put broken biscuits at the start and end of a packet?
  8. I put black sunflowers out in the feeders and the goldies and greenies love them. Tried niger and sunflower hearts but they dont have the success that black sunflowers do.
  9. Dont shoot any zx81's or G7000's ( if you do, only with a camera). I think they are now extinct.
  10. I wouldnt mind being a pound behind him!
  11. His newer books seem to presume that we all have 5 acres of land to put pigs and sheep in. The "meat" one etc. Im not saying he is totally for the rich, and im not saying he has "totally" sold out, but in comparison to the cook on a wild side series and book, he just seems to be chasing the mighty pound now , when i would prefer him to stick to his "roots". IMO if he carries on in the way he is , he will be no different to any of the tv chefs.
  12. The place he said they were £15 was in northallerton somewhere. maybe someone on here knows it?
  13. Ive missed the fun here, damn! For my tuppence worh i use traps about 90% of the time but i do gas quite a bit as well. I gas if i think the traps will get nicked ( as long as its safe) and other times as well. I nearly killed myself with gas (talunex) . its a long story but i didnt give it the respect it deserves and i make sure i do now.
  14. Anyone else think hugh has "sold out" and is just after the money?? He was always a bit of a hero for me, he would be out and about, living off the land and eating just about anything. He was always a bit "posh" but his charm and likeability always won me over, but just lately all he is after is the money. He plugs his restaurant, hiw site is all courses by his friends offering to teach you to find mushrooms, cooking classes etc etc and all are top dollar. Even his books are aimed at the more affluent. Come on hugh, get back to basics and get out there foraging YA BIG PUFF!!!
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    I use the clubman from here and cant fault it. http://www.cluson.co.uk/index.aspx The lightforce lamps are supposed to be great as well.
  16. How much do you kids pay for rimmy subs?. I can own 600 and buy 500 so i waited till i had less than a hundred and went to my local gunsmiths who charged me £30 for 500 eley subs . I had a moan and a whinge but coughed up anyway as otherwise it would have been a 20 mile drive into a local city and £3 to park to my next gunsmith. I was talking to a friend who said i should have paid £25 tops and he can get them for £15 at a farmers store. What do you lot pay?
  17. I used to eat the liberties when i was a lad- good, good stuff. I wouldnt dare now- id get too paranoid. Too old and sensible! Those shiny mottles are hallucinogenic as well but youd be a braver man than me to try em!
  18. No mate , they are not liberty caps. Liberty caps have a "nipple" at the top. They are shiny mottle gills ( or at least they look like them)
  19. Greys are very adaptable and will thrive in both rural and urban environments. I take it from your post you are after the rural squirrels for shooting with an airrifle?! They are in most woods, favouring broadleaf trees such as oak, beech and their favourite hazel. try baiting up an open space for a few days somewhere you can get a decent and safe shot in, . I use monkey nuts or indian corn to tempt them into the open or to traps. Walking around woods you will be able to see signs of squirrel once you know what you are looking for. Its a great time now to start shooting them They are collecting the plentiful acorns etc for the winter and you shouldnt come across any pregnant or young at this time. If youve got a shottie drey poking is great fun. 1 man pokes the drey with a long pole , the other shoots as they come out. Mega fun if your careful.
  20. Mine asked me a couple of safety questions- asking about climbing fences with loaded guns etc, and talked about identyfying quarry and not taking daft shots. Good luck.
  21. I use normal af's. Havent had much gone missing but always thought that the steel ones look like they would be more "pinchable".
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