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  1. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/index...c=68537&hl= this one
  2. i got the long awaited invite to a mates pond on friday night and after the two hour drive through traffic arrived just in time, some cracking shots being pulled off by the lads and the end result was 40 in the bag. http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc165/r...pp/ducks015.jpg
  3. they have been puntgunned to near extinction john....its terrible ! lol
  4. i was shooting yesterday and was soaked before the first drive even started, need to invest in deacent jacket myself
  5. no ones been ripped off, appologies have been made and the situation is in hand !
  6. I have several damascus blades and although they are verry good looking knives they dont hold an edge the way folk say they do, quality knives all the same
  7. pay peanuts the c**t will sell you a picnic bar ! lol
  8. you havnt seen my ass http://www.gettestedchicago.com/images/symptomanus.jpg
  9. they could also have picked a better polish tradesman and shown the cockney up ! thats the thing with the media they can show what ever light the like !
  10. yeah the pic showed a proper jacket and it was nothing more than a light rain coat that came through, the zip burst on it within a month
  11. i'm a bit gutted to be honest as that was probably the best permission we had, except for the area we're camping on this weekend, but thats over 3hrs drive
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