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  1. If the ferrets have free run in a large pen they are going to be a lot fitter than ferrets in a small pen so maybe likely to pin them underground easier.That's the only difference imo.Dogs keeping their noses down warrens is not good,thats why I teach mine to back off when marking.I did a property where the guy had 12 useless dogs loose all the time,no rabbits bolted and were just getting killed by the ferrets all day.
  2. I wouldn't own one just going on the "Jolly Quick" name,They sound a bit limp in the pasterns.
  3. The little terriers always take a big chunk of your heart,R.I.P. Molly.
  4. I like the live cage traps,unlike rabbits, rats usually fall for it.Then you can throw the cage in a bucket or release to the terriers.If you catch a native bird or animal you can release it unharmed,I always use peanut butter for bait.
  5. I'm with you on that but I've eaten them when I've been skint or out bush for a while. .Try boiling cut up pieces in chicken stock then crumb and fry them. Colonel Sanders won't be out of business but their edible.
  6. Most people's idea of a feral dog is a street dog or a couple of generations feral.These wolf like animals I saw could have been a couple of hundred years evolving in the rugged mountain bush here.They looked way more wolf than dog.I've never seen anything like them before or after,they genuinely fit into the environment up there.
  7. Only what I've experienced,seen myself,not info off the internet.They may not be true wolves or jungle fowl but looked and acted like them,which was my point.
  8. I've seen a pair of very feral dogs in the Blue Mountains national park trying to kill a stray bull terrier,they resembled wolves,were grey,big with a shaggy coat,nothing like a dingo or feral dog.I think they were many generations feral,living in remote bushland.Chickens do revert back to jungle fowl in looks and behaviour as I used to catch these as a kid on an old abandoned property,the place was unlived in for over 100 years and the chickens had survived living in giant stands of bamboo,they flew like pigeons almost.
  9. That's what they are, feral dogs, similar to feral dogs everywhere.I think they are similar to poultry,if you keep crossing they revert back to looking like wild jungle fowl.Same with dogs they end up looking like your average dog in size and shape with no outstanding qualities that are of use to humans.The health problems are ironed out living wild but they loose the traits humans have bred them for.I think you would do better using a mongrel street dog,at least they won't eat your kids..
  10. No,that was probably 35 years ago,the old bloke was in his seventies and had own a lot of dogs but this thing was the best he reckoned.It looked like a leggy bull terrier,yellow with more dingo expression in its eyes.You'd think if they were that good you would still see or here of them today,but fashions change in pig dogs here like the weather.
  11. No worries,they sort of achieved that with the oz cattle dog but most of them here although unbeatably loyal and tough,still have that bitey thing happening.I think you'd have to be ruthless in their breeding and I don't know if the end result would be worth the long road, but who knows.Dingo's are fast, smart and tough in every way so I can see your interest.They come up for sale from time to time here but I don't know if you could import them.
  12. Don't know of any Dingo/grey crosses here but I'm sure people have tried it.Dingo's are wild animals, even when raised from pups they have an instinct to roam and have to be kept in enclosures.I had a dingo/blue cattle cross,I bought it to protect my kids but tried to kill them by 5 months.Mate had a dingo/german shepherd,the most savage guard dog I've seen,a male,when mated with his shepherd bitch never let his pups out of his sight,like a wild canid.An old pig catcher I knew had a English bull/dingo,by far his best hunting dog he'd owned,but untrustworthy with people.I believe a grey/dingo would make a great hunter but if you think salukis have bad recall.So from my experience the dingo cross is just too wild and savage to handle for most, if not all hunters.On the plus side they have endless stamina and few health problems and can survive without humans in the hot,dry, asshole of a place they call Oz.
  13. I don't think you have heartworm over there but a cough is a symptom after exercise.I lost a whippet bitch to a grass seed in the lung,common thing with dog's here.
  14. Thanks mate,I've been thinking of one more and I don't think you'd get better dogs here.Do you know if any are spoken for and if there are dogs and bitches.The old blue bitch I have,apart from being the best hunting dog I've owned, has literally saved my life twice,very loyal and brave animals.Are the dogs as easy to live with as the bitches.
  15. Any sort of quick reacting dog will be a good ferreting companion.In my experience lines or families of dogs that have been used with ferrets for generations seem to have a inbuilt bond with them and work together without much training.
  16. My mrs used to have over 10 mongrel pig dogs at a time.They would hunt together,ride in the ute and camp out bush with no problems,as soon as they got home they would try to kill each other so were all chained separately.
  17. Same as here,I don't think there are that many dog thieves, but the same trash doing multiple jobs.They need to vanish.
  18. Depends on how intense your dogs are,there's no stopping the screaming from my two Russell males when the whippets are on heat.I live on a farm, but if you have neighbours?It's not keeping them apart that's the problem imo.
  19. Hunting dogs seem to be generally a quarter or half the price of show,pet dogs everywhere.I can't see how people whinge about the price when dogs and hunting with them is your life and passion.
  20. Ahh, the good old days in my area with open warrens,most now are in blackberries or piles of barbed and rubbish,good catch by the dog.
  21. Only stupid because of the bull blood.
  22. I think your better off with a show type terrier for a young kid.I had silky terriers as a kid and they would hunt anything,top rat dogs.they would also come home and not be a pain like most hunting bred terriers are when not working.
  23. Two grand is the price of one Patterdale pup off the peddlers here in Oz so its a bargain.
  24. Ever considered a Whippet/Russell ?They never stop.
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