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    My father in law is doing his biography about growin up in Bolton heew , And it is interesting reading , All family workin down pit How he saved a young lad from drownin in the local pond newspaper did a story about it would been in the 60s, everybody has a story to tell especially growin up in england , Just do it B
  2. Hey Pete I will PM my mobe number to organize a time , I have put a few rings in my ute so i dont forget B
  3. I am one suburb over in Langy about 10 klms small world hey , let me know if you want some rings for free to try and we can arange a time and place , Dont get me started on fly tieing i did dabble a little and was just thinking the other day about saltwater fly fishing and tieing B
  4. This is the vid that i used when i started making my own nets , Its was easy to follow as some are a little confusing watch it a few times , were in vic are you as i have some nylon rings that i made up a while ago if you want a few , thread is on THL few people didnt like em but they are good dont rust or make any noise when unfolding and slide well and made in Australia by me hehe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UufuQGr8kA
  5. Hey Garbs Why dont you start making your own ,I started only about two or three years ago only after about 40 years of rabbiting never payed much attention as how they were made pretty easy really , And you can make a couple of big uns for when you get two holes together Thats if you have time that is cheers Bernie
  6. Thats good to hear it wouldnt be nice for the stinkys I had a bad run with it about 15 years ago reckon one of my dogs carried it back from fox shooting he used to catch it all the time a labrador he was , Yet my kelpie never had it once dont know why they were always together , So if you have dogs also check them usually under there stomach were there is not much hair looks like elephant skin but if you use them flea drops that gets rid ,, Mrs found a little spray bottle of tea tree oil in safeway the other day its a bit easier to use Bernie
  7. Nice ferret Doug , I am keepin a polecat jill out of my lot this year , This one caught my attention as it was more interested in my company when i fed them every mornin a bit different hey Almost forgot what this post was about , I havent time to argue about stuff to many bun buns to catch B
  8. Footrot is usually connected to sarcoptic mange main culprit is the humble fox I use tea tree oil on the feet every second day, buy a little bottle neet and paint with small artists brush that will sort there feet out may take a few weeks Then wash with that stuff doug mentioned malawash malaban that will kill live mites but the eggs will hatch again in a few weeks so have to do again,, google life cycle I also spray all the bedding nest box ect with diluted either tea tree oil or that malaban stuff If you have other ferrets i would wash them also in malawash and spray bedding I am treating one as we speak he was a rescue ferret and was very sick with mange and starvation , however he has improved out of sight mange nearly gone and the most plasid animal i have known with people and also a very good worker so it was worth the rescue , He is a big pink eyed white hob called Pedro Bernie
  9. Here are my two now ,Dont think i would have any other type when older, but Kelpies they can be full on sometimes, The black one has a lot of prey drive ,, Black one is the mum 6yrs and son 4yrs
  10. No worrys , Yeah i had a heap of frozen water bottles in the hutch the other week when it was 42c all the little ones were snuggled up to them all day they not silly B
  11. Your up early Doug , Always good to see folks getting a few ,Good vid nice dogs Also if you or anybody you know are looking for any more ferrets i have a few young ones over here , From good working stock only about 6 weeks old so not quite ready as yet Bernie
  12. Thievin little twats , I feel for you , Has anybody shown any interest in your ferrets or anything you do over the past few months Just be ready they might come back if you are lucky Hope you get a clue B
  13. Good vid the little ones look nice and healthy , I have the mist system same as you lost a couple of young years ago ,Took them in the house but was just to late not nice Mine are lookin like they are going to explode , My cage is under a veranda of a shed so they only get some afternoon sun that is why they are later than your lot Regards Bernie
  14. Thats early Doug as mine are only just starting to show , Good stuff you can never have to many ferrets hey Bernie
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