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  1. Sorry to hear that, I've had that before but they do often come back, hope your luck changes
  2. We should go and glue ourselves to Chris packhams door
  3. Really sorry to hear that, hope your luck changes
  4. Thanks guys, very much appreciated, I have split them up now How long do you reckon for?
  5. Evening lads, my first post so... My Jill ferret is in heat at the moment and she is with a vasectomised hob. However he has been quite rough with her and she has a bald, sore patch on her neck. I have given it as clean with some water but not sure what to do next or wether I can use savlon antiseptic stuff on it. This is my 2nd year of keeping ferrets so I'm relatively new and was just wondering wether anyone else has had the same problem or know of any way of stopping it from getting worse many thanks
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