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  1. Fingers crossed I should be meeting up and introducing pooch to my 2, then a home introduction then maybe a quick look at her working. I trust the guy I'm getting her from completely as he could have moved her on 100 times but wants to know where she is going, he loves his dogs. He has also been a huge help to me over the last few years teaching me the basics of the sport and allowing me to accompany him on trips. I wont embarrass him on here but if you see this mate you've been a diamond.
  2. I was recently approached by olight and asked to give a review of their best seller. I highlight good and bad points and run a few test. No doggers were hurt in the making of this film. https://youtu.be/m8XkHwPpgQo
  3. At what age do you stop working your ferts? This is my first batch and they are now 6 so I have new stock coming this year. Obviously I want to give the old ones a run out as they still love it. Just wondered what your thoughts were on this.
  4. turned up today, will try at weekend. Cheers
  5. Never been accused of that before
  6. Looks like I'll have to chat up the warden to see if the spanners can get some company
  7. No doubt been asked and answered a million times but has any one found a better collar for ferrets. With me being a stumble thumbed moron I struggle like a dung flinging ape trying to do up the little buckle.
  8. Some Cracking pooches there lads, I'll take it from this that they are a defo benefit.
  9. Cheers mate, should really write down what I'm meant to say but prefer to just blag it lol.
  10. I'm no Deliah Smith but I knocked up a few simple pasties with the kids. https://youtu.be/VfOnBM12wC4
  11. Cheers mucker, and thanks for the sub and comment on yt
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