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  1. Robert hasselhoff

    My Heart Bleeds

    I seriously doubt very much that Russel brand knows the meaning of actually being proper broke and on your arse at times. I dislike the fella
  2. Robert hasselhoff

    Webley Vulcan Deluxe 177

    First gun I ever shot and owned was a Vulcan as a kid,bought from Kay's catalogue on the never never lol. Remember when all old catalogue,s used to sell air rifles. I remember being 13 and lusting over a air arms kamsin in the catalogue, then used to go the the underwear section to see if I could find a see through bar and check a pair of tits out hahaha
  3. Robert hasselhoff

    Sportdog Gps Trackers

    I've just bought one from them, good price good service and up to yet am happy with it
  4. Robert hasselhoff

    Out With The Pups

    I like that Roman atb
  5. Robert hasselhoff

    Some People

    Whippets go hand in hand with midgets.......
  6. Robert hasselhoff

    Anyone Planned Litters

    1 litter in 7 years.most of the last litter was gifted.and they are handy dogs. How it should be, top fella atb
  7. Robert hasselhoff

    Toyota Hilux Advert.

    Great that, thanks for sharing atb
  8. Robert hasselhoff

    Hugh Heffner.

    RIP Hugh, I wish I had a pound for everyone you had pumped
  9. Robert hasselhoff

    Pulsar Quantum Lite Xq30V Advice

    Thanks for the advice Ian, much appreciated cheers
  10. Robert hasselhoff

    Thermal Vs Nv For Spotting

    I am a complete novice to any of these devices, which would be better to use as just a handy spotting device at night while on foot ? What's the pros and cons of each, for mainly spotting rabbits foxes ECT. I have seen a Bushnell Equinox Z night vision 6x50 for under 300 quid, seems very cheap to me. But going off review's on the net and vids on youtube looks a decent bit of kit for not a lot of money. Anybody actually used these ? Or no of anything similar for that kind of money that will pic rabbits up at a decent distance ? Any info much appreciated, cheers atb
  11. Robert hasselhoff

    Pulsar Quantum Lite Xq30V Advice

    Anybody on here used or got one ? How do you rate them and what sort of a realistic range do they have on rabbits and fox ECT. As they are at the lower end price bracket ECT for handheld spotters. Also do they have an attachment for a neckband so not having to carry it. Any info appreciated cheers atb
  12. Robert hasselhoff

    Recommended Internet Sites?

  13. Robert hasselhoff

    Dry Food.... To Soak Or Not To Soak

    Who remembers going down the school pig bins with a washing up bowl under your arm, ran like champion's on that they did lol
  14. Robert hasselhoff

    Mountain Hares Boxing

    Lovely that atb
  15. Robert hasselhoff

    Rip Ferdinand

    Just heard it on the radio before, what a load of .............