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  1. Never owned a beardie before, only border. New pup I'm down for is a beardie/border x grey. What's people's experiences been with beardie crosses in comparison to border collies. Thanks
  2. I've skipped from 1st page to this so if my comment is out of topic as topics tend to change to drama on here quite often - my mate had a bitch, about 22tts black Broken coat feathered ears - collie saluki grey to look at but not 100%, best deer dog I've seen, black rocket she was known as! Not much got away from her I tell you. I'm after a nice big strong bull x at the min but not all deer dogs are big n daft she was built like a whipper grey! Dickies_dogz off here owned her
  3. After a big strong well bred bull x pup or going

  4. You can't beat the huntinglife for lads who sit on here all day everyday .. Keyboards with a working breed...

    1. Omanyra


      Aye..and dogs these days were better than dogs of the past..

  5. This has got to be one of the best posts I e been involved in on Thl. It's good to see people's thoughts etc on working dogs and there abilities .
  6. And by reading your signature , I totally agree...
  7. In that case let us in on the secret , I'm sure you could well be a phillosipher
  8. No one is confusing anything, I think the 'debate' is now of how do you create a working terrier... And I think the 'conclusion' is no one knows... Hh
  9. You've backed my post up... Parents probably weren't great boxers, if boxers at all-- so how would a great boxer have been produced.... Not all by dna anyway...
  10. I don't think there are right or wrong answers , some things work for some other things work for others- that's why we all have different opinions because we've experienced different things so there for our opinions are based upon that. A good dog is a good dog a bad dog is a bad dog- simple! No magic solution there, it is what it is!
  11. Amen lol and as for the lottery odds , crazy Dave has that covered
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