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  1. Notts doorman

    my kind of man you chris..apart from no wily coyotes round these parts..loads of fox running together tnite though..noisy gits.lol.
  2. Traditional tattoos....

    all them tattoo's will have meaning..i have the old type..lol. the women who did mine were all free hand,,maybe ugly,but i went to sea when i left school,and the understanding was tattoo's were a form of id.if you was lost overboard,..
  3. Christmas before Christianity

    this doe's it for me,,i connect with it.. easy and true..
  4. Contingency Plans

    is this the uk were on about,or the russian steppe...lol..well i'll be dossing.i mean sleeping in the car on the drove at stonehenge for the solstice..i have cheap noodles /beans/and fire..oh,,and a bitta smoke..whats my chances of survival...hahaha..
  5. can you catch cancer.

    no thought not.. but.. why is it when it affects some people, that friends etc for some unknown reason can't bring them selves to visit ..i know that were all differant..and how the fxck do you send em a merry christmas card..was visiting an old work mate couple of days back whose terminal.and just before i left, told him i'll be back in new year if he wanted to speak again ..they both spoke up saying yes of course, then his wife said..no one ever come's .how sad is that..this is not a one off, seen it with a couple of other people who's suffering from this fxcking disease..so,,if you know an old mate or other, get round and see em. no good roaring after..oh,,and i can assure you it ain't catching.. thanks..
  6. army dogs put down

    yep great to watch...but.. i bet his arse had a little quiver at around the four minuite mark.lol.
  7. Extinct animals

    loads of little egret round here..had em ten foot from me door in hard weather..breed five mins from me..biggish roost aswell..see em everyday..
  8. First Snow Of The Winter

    snowed in here..lol.....inch or so this morning.still coming down.. est lincs coast..
  9. What you listening to at the moment.

    maybe in your eye's matey..lol...............
  10. What you listening to at the moment.

    not bad for a foreinger.. not bad at all.......
  11. What you listening to at the moment.

    ya gotta love him..
  12. firestick/netflix/now tv..

    which is the best one for the missus.. thanks in advance..
  13. Dirt fishing find

    http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/ there ya go mate ,,very addictive..