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  1. Letting nature take over

    great reading that mate..thanks..
  2. Jeremy Corbyn aka Adolf Hitler.

    wilf.. i dont know how old your are but not trying to go of topic but how bad did your london become from growing up to leaving ..thanks.
  3. statistics show..

    ok one hundred to one then lol......
  4. statistics show..

    that your ten times more likely to be stabbed in london by blacks than whites.just bin on the one show,,bet the bbc complaints departments busy..
  5. metal detecters

    xp deus,,not the best machine to use on beach mackem..
  6. metal detecters

    no sand left on beach near me,worst iv'e ever seen it..
  7. Strange find

    they reckon we had the japanese codes brocken,,so churchill would have known all about pearl harbour..
  8. Wild birds and the cold.

    same here mate..
  9. Wild birds and the cold.

    had a fieldfare on decking for two days feeding up..get to aldis.there oats 75p a bag, bought eight bags,,[cheap feed]. ground feeders love em .. mix em with fat/lard. shot four rats and five maggies out the window..
  10. dunno micky who he worked for,,but he would of deffo auctioned game etc..
  11. you'll remember pete ireland then micky.was the auctioneer there and brigg/ lincs for years...ex terrierman for the southwold..
  12. Having a heated debate

    was'nt she on fire even before she left port..?? kept quiet though..
  13. Government Blocking Tool

    electricity/gas meters..what im reading they can be hacked..and can even know when ya use the kettle..suppose its just a case of the government/power suppliers watching us a bit more..
  14. Government Blocking Tool

    chris,,do i need to be wary of these smart meters they have forced us to have...reading about them ,well i dont know..
  15. Cheddar Man

    by fxck wilf i enjoyed that..lol....that my friend sums africa up to a T....thanks..