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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    fell terrier by plummer its near end of that book he says that brightmoor had dog jock in kennels off wilkinson
  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    didnt BB have some bad luck and lose his breeding later on in life
  3. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    i'd agree - saw pics of stuff from 90s and looked like strong black lakelands
  4. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Didn't brightmore have stuff from sid Wilkinson in his kennels
  5. The Dealer Dog

    think there was Gouldy in there too mate
  6. Let's See Ur Rough Haired Lurchers !!!

    like him mate, hows he bred?
  7. Lab X Cocker X Beddy Whippet

    are they likely to work mute with spaniel, beddy and whippet though?
  8. Bearded Collie Greyhound Or Border Collie Greyhound

    Would you be Hard pushed to find working beardis now ?
  9. Wheaten Greyhounds

    IMG_3233.JPG At nice him
  10. Floyd/conner

    rocky vs buster lang was a better fight lol Clubber Lang
  11. Floyd/conner

    I think Floyd knew McGregor couldn't hurt him like Pacquiao could so was willing to walk through a lot more than he would against a proper boxer.
  12. Wheaten Greyhounds

    ive seen dog in the flesh and he is a cracker
  13. Wheaten Greyhounds

    How many generations is he? thats what i was thinking , if he not a 1x, is he a 1x 2nd gen = 1x to 1x .! or 3rd etc hes half x to half x for 7 generations