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  1. Phil, might be able to get you onto some nice land with your pointer struggling with the computer don't want to put my telephone number on the screen how can I get intouch with you.
  2. Thanks for the response I've had these type of dogs for about eight years now, all from the same family with a bit of whippet greyhound added which produced an easier dog to live with. Quiet in kennels and didn't need the amount of work the half pointers had to have. My original dog was half GWP half lurcher and to be honest lacked a yard, but I have seen some half GWP half greyhound that were plenty fast enough.
  3. Emotional mate I've ended up with a serious drink and drugs problem not to mention the pshycologist I'm now under.
  4. Cheers mate will do. Don't seem to be a very popular cross, maybe a good thing but certainly have alot to offer as a hunting type lurcher.
  5. Anyone work German Wired Haired Pointer Lurchers on the site? Cheers
  6. Hello Anyone on this sit work German Wired Haired Pointer Luchers?
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