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  1. Lurcher91

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Yeah pure spaniel both mother and father work with lurcher and the hounds
  2. Lurcher91

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Bitch I use for bushing hopefully her pups come as good
  3. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    Very good best of luck with the them
  4. Lurcher91

    Show us your Bull x

    Frist cross bull x hound getting on now but still up for it
  5. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    Did your bitch go in pup after ss ?
  6. Lurcher91

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    My frist cross bitch getting on now but still as game as they come..
  7. Lurcher91


    An ounce of breeding is worth a tonne of feeding
  8. Lurcher91

    Fresh set

    Sounds good... Lovely set up
  9. Lurcher91

    Fresh set

    What size are the runs fella ??
  10. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    I'm hoping for the same the bitch self entered on reds herself and has flew ever since... And the dog has worked hard for 4 seasons and is still flying so hopefully the pups will come good and yap like the mother... Probably hoping for to much but god loves a tryer haha
  11. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    Should be flyers them best of luck I've a good working springer who's flying with the hounds marking and all in pup to another springer who's works with hounds also so fingers crossed it works out this time... All the best with yours ss hopefully they'll be right ones for ye
  12. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    What's the cross ss ?
  13. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    Best of luck with the mating ss
  14. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    Was hoping to have a pup out of my own bitch but she didn't take so waiting for her to come in again and try again with a bit of luck
  15. Lurcher91

    Out Today

    He's a fine looking dog from the pictures on here.. And pups in top condition.. Hopefully he dose the job for ya this season