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  1. Best of luck with the mating... How's your 3/4 deer grey doing
  2. Had a bitch here that never came in season right from the start after a lot of trying and bringing to the vets and trying galastop she came in but didn't hold the dog I used.. After 9 years and no hope of a pup from her a bitch kenneled beside her brought her in and as the dog I wanted to use was in with her I got them to hold and 9 weeks later she had 2 pups one still born and one now that's 12 weeks old and flying..
  3. Reguarding terriers pal they could be both good working dogs just go about there work different and the dog that's getting dig 20 times a season might spend more time in the sick bay then the dog that's dug 100 times once there both putting the graft in and if your using as a stud and have seen the dog work regularly and are happy then you've no one else to ask in my opinion is all
  4. Cheers pal has big boot to fill if he's to live his sire and dam
  5. The father is a deerhound grey x wheaten grey.. And the mother is a bull cross bitch in the pic
  6. The father is a deerhound grey x wheaten grey.. And the mother is a bull cross bitch
  7. Yeah was delighted with one but lad I lamp with was after one as a bitch he used his dog on had a phantom.. But he's getting the best of everything being the only pup so hopefully everything works out now
  8. Well lads the mating was a success the bitch held for the frist time in 9 years.. She had 2 but one was still born so here is Charlie 3 weeks old today.. If he comes half as good as I'd parent's I'll be very happy
  9. She's been covered before and the dogs have tied in her and she never held at all...shes been a decent bitch and would like a pup from her but thought the chances were low when she didn't hold and hasn't really came in season properly... A bitch beside her was in heat and brought her in hopefully might get luckey and get even one would be ideal
  10. Just wondering lads what's the chances of a bitch going in pup If the dog does not tie with her but has covered her
  11. Got the X20 of the fella in clare and he was spot on to deal with and very helpful... Tracker is working great and it very helpful when a dog is marking or popped into ground it give the last known location and brings ya right to the hole entrance.. Won't find them below ground but as a tracker it is spot on and very handy to use and I know a mate who has x30 for a good few seasons and hasn't had any bother at all
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