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  1. She's been covered before and the dogs have tied in her and she never held at all...shes been a decent bitch and would like a pup from her but thought the chances were low when she didn't hold and hasn't really came in season properly... A bitch beside her was in heat and brought her in hopefully might get luckey and get even one would be ideal
  2. Just wondering lads what's the chances of a bitch going in pup If the dog does not tie with her but has covered her
  3. Got the X20 of the fella in clare and he was spot on to deal with and very helpful... Tracker is working great and it very helpful when a dog is marking or popped into ground it give the last known location and brings ya right to the hole entrance.. Won't find them below ground but as a tracker it is spot on and very handy to use and I know a mate who has x30 for a good few seasons and hasn't had any bother at all
  4. Beagle harrier bitch doing well for her first season
  5. How did they turn out for ya pal
  6. Nothing set in stone yet pal friend has a decent bitch daughter to the bitch in my profile pic hopefully we can sort something when the time comes.. If I do I will
  7. Thanks pal he's been an honest dog since I got him.. He was going to be pts but I chanced him on and he never looked back the lad who had him before me just didn't give him a chance he was done before he started type of thing but he hasn't turned a foot wrong with me and hopefully after this season I'll try get a pup from him
  8. I was told this fellas breeding is wheaten x deerhound greyhound... If it is he's very easy to live with has an excellent prey drive and is very good at hunting up and is never a hassle around other dogs I have him just over a year and he has never let me down or shed away and has often saved a blank night on the lamp
  9. Did she just naturally open up fenman1# or did she get work with hounds at an early age
  10. Was just wondering to your thoughts as if a young springer pup was brought up with hounds and thought to hunt with them could he open up with them in time
  11. Really like the idea od a gwp is there a particular line ya should look for if going to source a pup
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