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  1. 300,000 houses a year?

    Don't give us all this drone bunkum, everybody knows you glanced out of the window of your private helicopter on the way back to your estate after a few days up Scotland on the grouse! 😂😂
  2. out of my head on a tab

    Nothing to be ashamed of Ray tbh I think half the fcukers on here are out of their heads on a regular basis! 😁😁
  3. Bulger Killer Recalled To Prison

    Everybody knows that it's harder to remove forensic evidence from wooden shafted hammers, ask any sheep rustler. 😂
  4. Bulger Killer Recalled To Prison

    You were stitched up! £4.99 at b&m bargains. 😁
  5. 300,000 houses a year?

    Thanks for posting this, an eye opener for me and I have to admit something I was unaware of. Shocking!
  6. 300,000 houses a year?

    Saddens me when I see a housing estate on land that I used to hunt over....
  7. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Peter le mooch's pitiful sobbing as Gnasher lands yet another boot to his throbbing testicles....
  8. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    " ooh, ooh, ooh, your so much bigger than my husband, can we meet again".
  9. David Cassidy has died......

    Cilla who?
  10. Mortgages

    If you can buy your house off the council with a discount then do it. If you can get a 30% discount on a £100,000 house you've gained £30,000 equity straight away so it's a no brainer!
  11. A message from Gnasher.

    When people are in prison can you still send them a file in a cake to help them escape?
  12. Mortgages

    If you get a mortgage some lenders let you overpay a certain amount every year. If you can do this then that's the way to go if you can afford it. We saved a fortune in interest and paid it off five years early. We also kept the endowment going and that will pay out next year.
  13. Scat identification

    That looks like the sort of turd corbyn would lay, reptilian....
  14. Knowing what some people are like .......

    That made me laugh, hope to fcuk it's real!
  15. Gotta admire these dogs

    How big were the pigeons medals?