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  1. Another school shooting in America

    Is there no legislation in America to stop mentally disturbed people having access to guns? Over here they wouldn't let him have a spud gun.
  2. please be carful

    A cat on a shed roof scared of a dog barking? They deliberately wind up my terrier when they know he can't reach them! 😀
  3. Account

    Fcuk me half of the photos on my camera are of men in leotards. I'd better not post any! 😁😁
  4. Well played

    Never seen this guy before but really found what he had to say interesting, thanks for posting.
  5. Out Ratting

    Liking those photos, in the group photo is the one on the right Nora Batty? 😂😂
  6. 42 ferals

    Good work. Many years ago me and a mate were decoying near a power station and a massive kit of ferals poured in and landed, we hid behind the hide and after a quick "one, two, three" popped up and let rip. Four shots and we dropped sixteen!
  7. We've got the K and the F.........but no C

    The lads that prepare it out the back must have balls like watermelons now they've got nothing to coat with their "chefs special sauce"....
  8. PUBLIC AUCTION: contents of a Gun Shop

    Keep it under your hat you swine, I only live down the road! 😁😁
  9. No Snip!

    Mark my words this is just the tip of the iceberg!
  10. are the french nuts

    What would be the best herd protection dog, Kangal?
  11. Out Ratting

    Stunning photos as usual and I'm glad that you decided to share them with us lesser mortals! Topics like this are the backbone of THL.
  12. Out Ratting

    Nice topic lads and keep it coming. Just out of interest how many of you like the Cockwell Inn? 😂😂
  13. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Naseem has put some timber on, he looked like a little fat shopkeeper. 😁😁
  14. Congratulations Tom Daley

    I wonder how they decided who would be the biological father because in the future when one gets bored and tries another a*sehole and they split up only one will have any rights to the child.
  15. Books (hunting & fishing)

    I'll give you £50 for the lot or try coch y bondhu.