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  1. the run is 8ft long and 3ft wide. the housing is 3ft 4ft. plenty big for 4 to 6 ferrets. atb j
  2. i understand now lol. was just thing it would be good for the ferrets to have a large run. plus it comes ready made which is a big advantage to me since im terrible at wood work lol. atb j
  3. was that on a grass run terryd. atb j
  4. was looking at this for a ferret hutch and run. plenty big and well made. ideal on a concert base. atb j
  5. Ferreting in beaches.

    thats the best description that anyone could ever give about whats it like ferreting beach dunes. you got it exactly right. its all dunes i ferreted. the places were like swiss cheese with all the holes. still rather the dunes than hedge rows. cleaner and easier to keep an eye on things. great post rabbit demon. atb j
  6. thats sounds like a fine set up jax13. looking forward to seeing the pics. atb j
  7. black ferrets

    Did a bit of searching on the net last night for black ferrets and what I found was e.u. ferrets. Iv heard about these before but know nothing about them. Lovely looking animal's. Does anyone keep this type. Atb j
  8. Thanks for the pic and info brambles. As soon as I have new one made I will post pics. Atb j
  9. black ferrets

    at the end of the day as long as family is healthy and happy thats all that counts. atb j
  10. black ferrets

    beautiful looking ferret. nice and strong looking as well. also like the ink work. atb j
  11. black ferrets

    will have to look it up jok. a had some very dark ones over the years, never a true black . atb j
  12. Any chance of the size brambles if you don't mind please. Atb j
  13. That's exactly what I had in mind. Looks a well put together and strong. Thanks for that brambles. And thanks to everyone who posted. Atb j
  14. Looks great terryd. How many ferrets do you keep in it. Atb j