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  1. Staffy Bull

    Is there still any of ed rieds stuff about. Atb j

    True for you mighty celt. Hes a gentleman and good craic as well. Atb j.
  3. Staffy Bull

    Lovely staffs lads. A credit to ye. Atb j.

    When I was looking for a whippet jigsaw helped me straight away. Straight up and no messing. Fair play to him for trying to help a lad out. That's what it should be all about. Atb j
  5. Staffy Bull

    Anyone ever have an ed ried staff.
  6. Bow Hunting

    Anyone tried hunting with a crossbow. Something more or less like bowhunting. Atb j
  7. What Food?

    Mince meat, burgers, and any fourm of hot dogs. Can't stand the look of them Atb j
  8. First X Whippet Greyhound.

    That's bad luck bob84. Atb j
  9. First X Whippet Greyhound.

    Thanks for the replys lads Atb j
  10. Anyone running this type of X. Would be nice to see a couple of pics, and get some feed back on them. Atb j
  11. House In France

    Good to hear peadair. Should have great weather over there that time of year for ground works. Is there a big difference in the price when it comes to labour,trades and materials compared to the UK and Ireland. Atb j
  12. House In France

    Fairplay to you Joe. I look forward to reading your posts on the building work. Not much longer till its done hopefully. Atb j
  13. House In France

    How's your house coming along Joe. Atb j
  14. Bull Whippets

    The bitch looks a bit more muscled up since the last pics I saw of her. Atb j
  15. Bull Whippets

    Looking fit and dandy sully. Was just wondering about them today.