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  1. Dublin looters

    You will be a bog hopper yet lad lol Atb j
  2. Dublin looters

    That one would suit you rabid. Atb j
  3. Dublin looters

  4. Dublin looters

    I think there is a very large chunk of land for sale separately from this as well by the same person. Atb j
  5. Dublin looters

  6. Dublin looters

    That's a lot of traveling for fishing. I'm not a 5 min walk from the sea. The turf is a very handy thing to have. By the time it's all cut out flood it and there's your pond. A win win. As long as the main walls and foundations are good that's a good bit. Did you check further west. Atb j
  7. Dublin looters

    Excalty w.k. Money not every thing life. Life's for living and enjoying. Atb j
  8. Dublin looters

    That's very good. You could do something with the bog. Cut turf or turn it into a flighting pond. The only down side it's not close to the sea. But Westport not to far away. How much does the house need. Atb j
  9. Dublin looters

    I have two mates who spent the last couple of years working in the UK. The now have their houses built from start to finish. Also family members over there as well. As much as they love ireland and coming home for holidays they will never move back. Unless it's to retire. Atb j
  10. Dublin looters

    I have to agree with you there. If it was that bad half the population of this place wouldn't be over there lol Atb j
  11. Dublin looters

    You can get them here with anything from 8 to 18 acres from 100k to 150k plus. It all depends where you want to live. And the state of the property. Just cause they ask for a 100k doesn't mean they wouldn't take less than that. Atb j
  12. Dublin looters

    To be honest Peter it's over 20 years since I was there lol. Supposed to go up for a family wedding in a couple of weeks. Atb j
  13. Dublin looters

    We love everybody here. Well nearly everybody lol. Atb j
  14. Dublin looters

    I'm right on the shore lol. Across the road is the beach. Then the arann islands then new York lol. Atb j
  15. Dublin looters

    Prices fairly low around here w.k. That was about 4 to 5 years ago. Not even. 13 acres and a cottage sold next door to two years ago for less than 120k. 3 bed sitting room bathroom and ofch. Atb j