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  1. No idea,he hasn't got her long.
  2. Heard of sisters of very famous greyhounds being used.more common than top class pit blood.I know someone putting a second cross 3/4 bred to a full bull bitch (she looks like mayday/Hollingsworth breeding),be interesting to see how they turn out.
  3. Summer time

    More permissions often come with ratting-
  4. F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Bred a few years ago HGN- pure shite-1st x was very good.it was a beagle spaniel over his daughter off a terrier (she wasn't great either though)-the guy who had ruas sister had a nice few ;bred on a few generations -think there might have been kerry blue in them too. M.S that has archie has one off that dog I think.

    Father of her was of booth breeding, mother of her was a half sister to the bitch I brought to your friend Harry's jagd the time (by a bull terrier )
  6. Greyhound dog

    No never bred any,had bad greyhounds that I used as lurchers though. Had 2 sisters I bred that would retrieve rabbits alive -had plans of taking a lurcher litter off one of them but she died coursing..my terriers don't look anything like plummers now-still have the nose though.I gave a coursing birch to a man up the country for breeding Wheaton lurchers.they seem to be turning out nice.might try and take a litter off her sometime if I've time and space
  7. Greyhound dog

    Razzmatazz grandmother threw some massive dogs-I think westmead ace raced at 90lb . I saw westmead scolari in the flesh-very impressive animal
  8. 40 pound foxes.

    Thought this 1 was a nice size ,a while before Christmas
  9. Cheddar Man

    There are actually laws that prevent scientific research into different intelligence levels between races.
  10. Cheddar Man

    Ice age probably killed off the darker skinned people (put them at an evolutionary disadvantage ).might happen again
  11. He might end up falling out with himself
  12. A breed with a fair small gene pool, I'd say they'd do well with a cross of working wheaten, the odd "purebred " glen comes out with long legs.(a breed that peddlers really got their claws into -a friend of mine breeds them--he'd some dublin fella ringing him up giving out about selling glen pups for less than 700 euro )
  13. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    Same thIng by the sounds of it.
  14. Big Cat Sighting

    That the lad that had the Irish hunting forum?