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  1. The Brown Rat

    Is that wilf in the fIrst phoTo?
  2. Porn. WTF?

    An awful amoUnt of tHem seem to,men too.
  3. Wheatens

    Probably what moSt of them are
  4. Unfortunately she lost them on Wednesday


    1. tinytiger


       Sorry to hear that

  5. How To Register Pedigree Pups

    Did she have many?
  6. advice on when to breed my bitch

    Sighthounds can be funny-seen a vans escalade greyhound bitch that used come in and out in 3 days,seen coursing bitches that bled for 4 weeks before theyd stand for a dog(laurabolin might have something to do with that though)_13 or 14 days is normal.
  7. Who needs a bellman lol

    Id a greyhound bitch once that would do it,only thing she was good at.shed follow the track but take a shortcut accross the infield to try and nail it,was very honest behind the real thing but not clonmel material.
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  9. Pups

  10. Pups

  11. Pups

  12. Pups

  13. Pups

  14. Pups

  15. Kates Pregnant For The 3Rd Time

    Part german ,part russian,part sweedish,part arab mongrels(might be a small bit of english/scottish in there via queen mother)