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  1. Getting fed up

    Where about by the fort 🤔
  2. anybody work on the railways

    Fire away mate 👍
  3. A bit of cover

    Same here mate let the dogs decide I’ve seen people throwing stones in to try and get there dogs in cover and others sending there dogs in just to find out there’s f**k all in their to me it’s pointless and just shows they don’t trust there dogs 👍
  4. A bit of cover

    If you send a dog into every bit of cover a one hour walk would take three hours and for what to find out there is nothing in their not for me mate I’ll let the dogs decide if there’s anything in their atb BB
  5. A bit of cover

    Nothing worse than sending a dog in cover when there’s f**k all in their if there was anything in their the dog would let you know trust your dog mate 👍
  6. What the fuuck is going on with the forum

    Must be getting a few quid for advertisements because that’s all I’m getting if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it ffs
  7. Best battery for lightforce striker 170??

    Deben lithium 12v 22ah mate
  8. Best Lamp Set Up?

    Your right it is like carrying a wok around plus the battery but Ive seen dogs on quarry out run the blitz so anything smaller would be a waste of time as igz said youll soon get used to it mate
  9. Mystery Solved ????? I Think

    not with a willy mate 😂
  10. Best Lamp Set Up?

    Igz means the 240 blitz enforcer variable 👍
  11. Lamp Charge

    Try it on your tongue 😛 always worked for me mate 👍
  12. This Is How To Deal With Sabs ........

    Im down for a contribution if he gets a fine mate you could set up a just giving page in his name if it comes to it BB
  13. Fenn /springer

    Depends on how many your buying fourteenacre do 10 for £83 👍
  14. Long Netting Hairs

    f****d if there curly