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  1. What’s it’s like when walking long distances? Do you sweat a lot in them?
  2. https://pulsar.ebay.co.uk/plsr/clk/0/SADS/9?pld={"mecs"%3A"132772513116b1adc8b0edfb428a8389a290b9f34418"%2C"enc"%3A"AQADAAAC4BkojIFHYtWT%2BANpG6F7t2GSfx0x4dSH3osjWVFVGRSmcjrRMESIqqF%2BkZ%2B%2BFK9Ux69AEoKW3g4vQ3JhrUF0TVGjrccLD04YkqZKfmNUuTJTWs04igW71gpqdy0QWIPB4bQw9BqWFWeWzyuOy2XS8ZOeMqm9h%2FUdTo1pVF0G%2B7ZHdHTWW6fCY%2FqAEcVprYQ%2B4q7czqzhbavG4C8tYes4UlKxBVSmuwJZPLTS4Gj6IkwujED2TG5BeFcnS7%2FT7yTw2rY9x6cBZhzOr6sBbpERTxwqV7760v9cxL0vgMAy6tU1gdJd2Feo1ycuyc2MfUXoqo6kWhqcsqOOwJeBI5QRtK01BZg6di%2Fbv%2BjXwCTCOA3IQTZ8KJ2fmK0K1FvP9D6bijim1Q8r8vuxXvlbuVX0krNDUexVrO8YdAZ%2BS8jiXYe4azSej702VbXaHEayxxo7JLIDAGjHmKT4xJK%2FpG7rf0lN%2BV9ZUwj0OevNFeVXPyrXwjsXaRpcnS9L884a35guuAIygOP%2BdAKtr4GZPXObIDXbt3HEH%2Beczm06ylrFTQK15g6PxobYeTnteduoqcHv1DvHzmW%2B4CBpH3oWI51r5bMQ9OoNH3dyh8HSJb8BV7P066csMjtkigzxnTQo9BkGToJ3qjngU88fa%2Brscgx4NdhRTPMYqn36attmqKQ5Um8ZwbrlXJ5yuIR1O7nM2wQyYyJh71F3%2Fs05sm%2BI939upJ%2FaNvuYNtLvVQ00gcYnTU6UfYR5TFdIWf4n1NoncW8bJhssEpuRse3XfzPMIsca8WSziRqDyuQRdAzcxw3hFXLB4NBSeUuXspIOvzSHBIBJqdgxlzH2ZS9mWpN5vW78IISMF0lRVJ%2BYovnbBv%2BAPhpFJTrVYa0g8NXZxFk%2Bwv5R%2F6sH38O7wj0Co%2BLFVO%2FnAG4OT%2BgsTdc%2BEsiSYzNYjSPdRHgQWY5f0c4F9dZVlc0jLvkipNkDxt%2BJVoOnC4vLkkg%3D"} anybody use one of these??? will it be another ridgeline mk1 maybe????
  3. @coco how does there coat fair in the rain? Or how is there coats in general cheers
  4. What was the out come with this dog?
  5. sounds infected, like slip said get some antibiotics
  6. cheers lads I've been looking into a therapy pool but unfortunately she's just broke down so can't take her till she's finished. I've been getting her to retrieve out of a big lake but her interest go's after 10 mins! I've been massaging her leg with Bone Radiol treatment every other night, does white-e work well?
  7. so my bitch got injured at the being of january and was completely lame for about 3\4 weeks! she was took to the vet on day 1 because she had also got a deep cut on the inside of the knee joint straight too the bone on the same leg. Anyway after going away and being told she would be weight bearing in 3\4 days 2 weeks went by 2 courses of antibiotics and still not weight bearing, so i make the called to get her x-rayed results showed no breaks or chips which was good new but the vets said the joint was very swollen and might be infected so put her on bacterial antibiotics for another 2 weeks. He also mention the kneecap look high!!! after 4 weeks she started to put the leg down but was still not happy with it, i got very good advice on another thread on here off of j darcy who told me if the leg muscle takes a really big bang everything can tighten up and pull the kneecap up (lactating patella) and to put her on loxicom which she had been on since day 1, all this made sense to me so gave to hope that the end was just around the corner but some time down the line she was not progressing so took her to a boneman and within 5 mins he told me she'd banged her kneecap out of the groves and popped it back! absolutely p*ssed off with the vet for not spotting it on the x-ray!! Anyway now she's good to start the physio and build her leg up quadricep mostly, she had weeks of lead work and I've had her off the lead free running (wrong i know) but she didnt limp after which was a good thing as she was running as normal. my question is her leg seems tight but its not as i can easily stretch it out no problem but when she walking around the house it don't straighten it out like the other and when she stands still she always puts all the weight on her good leg! Is this because the muscle is not there? or is it her remembering whats happen? any advice or your pass experiences would be very welcome is I'm worried she'll not be right for next season at this rate! cheers
  8. The dog has been given an X-ray and shows no foreign bodies cheers anyway
  9. he did say the knee cap was a little high on the X-ray would the swelling of the muscle be the cause of the swelling at the bottom of the knee? , she had 7 days of loxicom at first and now she's got another 7 days of it. What will the cortisone injection offer? Also whats the long term prognosis with this type of injury? I've already write this season off with her but I've never came across this before so i wouldn't no I'm pretty confident the vet is covering both things so hopefully she come right!
  10. So 2 weeks ago my bitch came out of cover limping (non weight-bearing) after chasing something obviously having took a tumble as she was covered in boggy mud. Got her showered her then noticed a deep cut on the top inside of her rear knee, the cut was to the bone so luckily for me my vets is just across the road. Got her stitched up with an opening at the bottom to allow the puss and gunk to come out, was prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory\pain relief and was told shed be walking in 2 -3 days. Went back after 5 days as no sign of improving and s**t still leaking out of the cut, he gave her different antibiotics for a week which now the cut is starting to heal but still lame and starting to get muscle waste so the day before i was due to see him i asked for an x-ray to rule out bones. X-ray came back all fine with the bones but vet said she got swelling around the joint which could be serious so she now on bacterial antibiotics and more anti-inflammatory! The day after she did it i took her to see a mate who trains greyhound just to give her the once over as she took a tumble and was fine apart from the back leg. There was no pain in moving the joint but pain on a certain muscle in the inner thigh down near the bottom of the knee, now he's now bone-man but has a lot of experience, he just said theres swelling in there which could be a torn or badly knocked muscle so iv been also following his advice and icing it as much as i can and when the swelling is gone massage trainers choice in (not got that far yet) so after reading up on infection in joints 1 symptoms lameness but she's been lame since she banged it so surly the joint took time to become infected? might she have damaged her nerves? any advice on on both subjects infected joint and the muscle\nerve is grateful or if you've had the same experience how did it turn out for you? atb
  11. @roybo how long was the dog lame for and how long did it take for the bruising to come out? cheers
  12. Guy int pub is asking why the need to cover so much ground? Take less dogs in van and you will need less runs, what sort of bags are these folk driving lanes lamping getting? Because a lot of land round here is dire shite so if we travel the lanes we see more and have a better chance at some good runs, never bothered about bags or how many we catch tbh just like to see the dogs have decent exiting hard runs Yeah I get that, I have lived in places devoid of game, but if you know there's not a lot out to run, why load a van up with dogs? Get out on your own and run more, going mob handed surely reduces runs? guy int pub says ffs give it a rest! some people like to be sociable.......lol i couldn't help myself
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