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  1. Don't think Trapbarn are on the STAO, and that's all that counts.
  2. Soft Jaw foot traps

    All footholds are illegal in the UK. A snare is a good tool to have at your disposal.
  3. Motion Camera

    A ya be driven mad with those yokes. 100 notifications of pics of a blade a grass blowing in the wind lol
  4. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    I was in the shed, and she was in kitchen and the window was open. Had to leave clothes outside or she wasn't letting me in lol
  5. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    Smells like nothing compared too extracting and cutting glands. lol When you cut one, you can actually taste it. When the Mrs starts shouting down the yard at you, you know them glands are good and strong lol
  6. Darcy "on the trap line 2"

    A simple idea for all you tight fuckers!! A bit of tweaking, and you could make a useful trap from this sort of idea.
  7. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    Smell!! What smell? lol
  8. Look What I Found!

    Yea i bet Rob would do a great Job on it, but living in Ireland, I doubt it would make the trip.
  9. 40 pound foxes.

    I think you'll find that fox was actually shot in Athlone neil.
  10. Look What I Found!

    Now that is a great idea!
  11. Look What I Found!

    Would you belive neil, I've never trapped a squirrel. Saying that, I've never tried, or had any in the area's I've ever trapped. This place is out of bounds for me, and I ain't wasting my breath trying to convince those in command to let me rid them of the greys. I may leave it to the marten's to sort out. There's plenty of them about too, but a bit slow in sorting out the grey's in this spot. Must be dinning on more convenient meals.
  12. Look What I Found!

    The only place I have ever seen reds around here, is a small stretch of road where this one met it's maker. The wooded area is on the grounds of a castle, where there is also grey's present.
  13. Look What I Found!

    It's a real nice one Rob58. I don't really have the funds to get it done, but think I know a lad that would be interested in it.
  14. Well they do say, bad luck comes in three's lol