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  1. EDDIE B

    Do You Remember!

    Yes i remembr that alright. There was another water one for anglers wearing waders, where the guy jumps into the river, and shows how to stay afloat.
  2. EDDIE B

    Do You Remember!

    This old ad? For the Irish lads Anyone know any more?
  3. EDDIE B


    It'd scare the shite out if a few on here too.
  4. EDDIE B

    Champions league final

    Yes but sometimes a little luck can play a big part in the outcome of a game. Just look at the last time Liverpool won it. Funny old game is football
  5. EDDIE B

    Old Photo's

    Moate Co Westmeath. No that place is long gone, and so is a few of the men in the picture.
  6. EDDIE B


    Veilison obviously!
  7. EDDIE B

    Old Photo's

    Was given this old photo of my father and some mates, by my mother as a keep sake. Thinking maybe early 70's. I know this topic has been shared here before, but couldn't find any threads on it. Anyway, anyone else got any old photo's you'd like to share?
  8. EDDIE B


    A lot of nonsense! Wolf hybrid. Not the first, wont be the last. Nothing new here
  9. EDDIE B

    Cuckoo's Calling

    Not sure mate. I do remember reading somewhere, that males often gather up into groups, so could be either i suppose.
  10. EDDIE B

    Cuckoo's Calling

    Was out digging a few worms this morning, and heard a cuckoo for the first time in years. Not only that, but shortly after, two flew right over my head as i was digging. No more than twenty yards away. Lovely sight.
  11. EDDIE B

    Look What I Found!

    Well it is Irelands rarest animal Neil! Simple answer, they aint too concerned about balance. Before the gray squirrel, red squirrel was a big part of the PM's diet, and when and where the the grey is gone, the red will be back under a different type of preasure. Feckin egits thinkin the marten is running around chasing squirrels in the tree's. He's a clever boy! He'll take them at night. He has good eyesight, and the upper hand at night like most predators. Even roosting birds aint safe with this predator. I have to say i admire his skills, but at the same time im well aware of the fact that he is very destructive when numbers are too high. And they certainly are for most parts of the country.
  12. EDDIE B

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Eh, about two pages back
  13. EDDIE B

    VHD what are the signs?

    Doesnt affect ferrets, dogs, or us humans. But all can carry it from one location to another.
  14. EDDIE B

    DIY Fox Skull

    Another one just finnished. My second and probably last one of these that i'll do. Id rather do 100 fox skulls, to one of these. The teeth can be a nightmare. Drop one, and it could be gone forever
  15. EDDIE B

    DIY Fox Skull

    I like that!