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  1. BANNED ..

    The other day there was something about how the left were making a move to out a load of moderate mp's and replace then with far left candidates. Should this happen there will be a very far left leaning government with all sorts of different policies that couĺd really affect us all.
  2. Snowing

    This time of year we have been ready to start any time after after 4.30pm. Quite often Charlie is out looking for his evening meal. We'll do a tour round the General area for a couple of hours, come back, have a warm up, something to eat/drink and then have another tour Round. It just depends on the weather and if we've got to go to work next day.
  3. Snowing

    I suppose it allows earlier lamping. We sometimes dont get out until about 11 o'clock in the summer. I found this, (are there vampires up North?) (Second para. 》》 scurrying back to my rented room, like some terrified Transylvanian villager racing the fading rays of the sun and against the increasing odds of becoming vampire food as the light vanishes.) https://www.recruiter.com/i/working-in-the-dark-coping-with-scotlands-winter-solstice/
  4. Snowing

    Everytime I see the weather forecast it seems to be thrashing down and blowing gales and snowing up north. It's bad enough right down south here when the morning alarm goes off and I think, why is the alarm going off in the middle of the night. What tkme does it get light up north? On Friday I was in phone conversation with someone in Edinburgh. He said that it was snowing there. Here it was a bright sunny day. The wind had a bit of an edge to it but out of the wind it could have Been a summers day. I wonder how people cope both physically, mentally and financially when, like out in America and Canada where it is so cold and the snow is so deep that you cant throw shovel snow up on the top the pile. I did communicate with a bloke out in Maine who owned about 250 acres of woodland and he spent all summer cutting and bringing in wood to burn over the winter. That is what his life was. Working at his job as a hospital technician and cutting/collecting trees/wood to survive. Not much fun when you get old. Just had a look and sunrise is about 3/4 of an hour later in Edinburgh than Dover that it must be depressing.
  5. Dogs eye

    I Can't see that. They are dedicated professionals and work for the benefit of all animals. Why would you think otherwise. What sort of terrier is he?
  6. Dogs eye

    surely if the lens has moved position in the eye the dog in effect is blind in that eye because it wont be able to focus or see anything other than its light or dark. if the lens stays there then surely the only way to re-position it must mean some sort of eye surgery/ operation with all of the risk of complication. lets hope for the best. I had a dog that had a small scratch on the cornea and in the end the poor dog lost sight in that eye. I thought that it was the end of the world but the dog carried on with one sighted eye and it didn't seem to affect its hunting and retrieving ability and it lived a long normal hunting life . Lets hope that the situation gets better. a link to the mentioned condition. https://www.willows.uk.net/specialist-services/pet-health-information/ophthalmology/lens-luxation
  7. Very early spring

    Did you swat the blighter? It would have been a queen, looking to get out and find a nesting place. I'm allergic to wasp stings and destroy them and all wasps at every opportunity. I know that they take loads of pest Insects but not anywhere around me.
  8. Dogs eye

    Let's hope for the best for you all and mostly for the dog. Whatever it is, it isn't normal. Be strong. P.s. what breed is the dog? Any news yet?
  9. the crazy liberals of usa

    You mugs, It's all fake.. That guy is superimposed on there. hes like a cardboard cutout. those people are probably being asked if they like cabbage or would they like a free new car or something. The answers don't replicate the questions asked in a different place / time and the mic position V the arm movements don't sync. The old guy on the bike near the end. Go for a healthy bike ride and stick the biggest cigar in your mouth that you can obtain. and the size of the back tyre on the bike in the opening frame with the fat bloke on it.
  10. I hate villa fans

    What lovely teeth and sense of rythmn those fellows have. Perhaps they should be issued with shotguns for solve their inter tribal problems. It might solve a lot of problems they've only got kitchen knives at the moment.
  11. Fair weather shooters?

    I suppose that I could be classed as a fair weather shooter. Been out in all conditions. Fog waste of time. Cant see ten yards ! Sleet /snow not much further. Frost, & ice, its just too cold. Been out and got covered in frost so when we got back we looked like snowmen. And the fingernails felt like they were peeling off. Rain, naah got soaked to the skin and frozen to the marrow. The rain obscured the vision to the target and I couldn't track it out across the plough. As time has gone by I don't feel the need to endure all of these things. I'd much rather stay indoors in the dry and warm and go out Charlie bashing on my terms. He'll be there tomorrow unless you brave the elements and knock him down befoe I get him. I'll watch you home out of the warmth of inside.
  12. Snowing

    I was told that back in 63/64 winter, that There were still mounds of snow in june the size of cars where it had been piled up on the side of roads down near Folkstone. 86 we had a fair amount and I can remember a last dphesant drive where it was coming down hard and near the top of my wellies. We went for dinner afterwards and the snow was faling fast. I didn't think that I was going to get back home ten miles away but as I got nearer home there was less and less and there was only about an inch and a half here
  13. Over 4' 10" your in!

    So I suppose that the small in physical size imperial Japanese army soldiers were totally rubbish as they rolled up the Americans and us British before lack of supplies slowly beat them. And I suppose that the tens of thousands troops of all nationalities that have surrendered in mass have all been sub standard Jesse's? Ok you do need strong motivated reliable troops but a queer midget woman can shoot you dead just as easily as a six ft four gaurdsman. Father was out up the jungle in Burma in ww2 and the bloke I was apprentised to was out in The jungle in Malaya and both of them held the japs in high regard for their ability.
  14. As above. It seems as if a lot of people feel that unless a gun is a 30+inch, single trigger, multi choke o/u gun then it isn't any good. There are loads of superb SbS's on the shelves of gunshops that don't move and the value of them is very low. Most gunshops won't consider one in a trade in. They just don't shift. But why they will bring down pheasant or anything that they are designed for. Now I have all sorts of guns singles, pump, SbS's, O/U I don't favour any one over another. So why have SbS's gone out of fashion?
  15. Snowing

    I really don't like snow. Anyone who likes it is more than welcome to my share. It is s. Right down south as far as I am we don't hardly ever get snow and if there are a few odd flakes it's generally gone by lunch time. Wife & I took the spaniel for a walk around the orchards this afternoon and I did think of taking a picture of the pure blue sky and the Sun. The wind had a bit of an edge one side of the wood but in the Sun and out of the wind the other side it was really nice. Hat, coat, gloves one side, -V- t-shirt and shorts the other side. Why should anyone like snow? It's cold, wet, causes accidents, stops work, looses time and causes disruption. Still it you like the stuff don't forget, my share is available for free. Give me a day out on the spring drilling any day. Or out in the Med somewhere on a beach.
  16. 243 zero

    There's nothing wrong in what you want do regarding knowing range/poi. It's ok if you've got the time to get a rangefinder out and cross reference the distance to a pre determined chart of what the bullet/barrel combo does. Then add in a calculation of wind speed and direction and you've got it . Bingo, zero. Spot on. The only minor problems might be are that, Charlie has disappeared or moved to somewhere else and .can you physically hold the crosshair on the target accurately on a moving target at range that zero is still a valid valuable.?
  17. 243 zero

    People worry too much about total zero. As long as you can be about an inch high at 100, you are going to be on at a fair ole distance.consistancy is the name of the game and being able to group. Why do so many people talk about shooting at targets sort of 3, 4, 500 hundred yards. A Fox at these sort of ranges is a small target and just a smaller pair of eyes at night. Get closer and use the groun and cover. Most shots will be no more than 100 unless you've got big, big fields. You can zero at about 30 paces and its the same poi at abou 200. I have seen some trying to zero out at 300 and shooting off a couple of boxes of lead and getting totally confused, winding the scope all over the place trying to get on. 3 shots is enough to get on.
  18. Just opened a mouse restaurant in my garage

    😀😁😁. I remember The two Ronnies had a sketch called, the rook restaurant.
  19. F.A.C mentor

    P.S.. If I were near you I would certainly offer to help you and show you the way. But the difference is that if someone goes with you that's one thing but If you get a mentor written on your cert. The situation might arise where you can't go out and use the weapon without being accompanied by that mentor. This has happened with my son in law. It was an innocuous question from the foe about just watching over him for a few trips but when the cert came through the wording had a different slant to it and in reality lasts for the life of the cert at least. The police /foe make this rubbish up as they go along . Dont take it and fight for what you want. If you've got reason , security and somewhere to go they can't say no.
  20. Carillion

    Quote. //\\ 》》 However unlike the ordinary bloke even if they did they are sitting on a fortune they can retire comfortable A bloke along the road is a retired civil servant. He told me that the pension that he gets is so much that he cant spend it fast enough. He and his wife have had 7 yes 7 holidays abroad this year alone! And I'm not talking about butlins !! We're talking a month in the Maldives and Barbados. Good luck to him he's a nice bloke but then you get old age pensioners freezing in their own homes. Still there's lots of people in parts of the world in squalid refugee camps. The government gives about £13 Billion away to foreign governments every year. I wonder how many people will loose their jobs and houses Ect. Ect because of this? I bet the minsister who handed out big, big contracts to carilion after he was warned twice that they were likely to go down the pan wont go short.
  21. Carillion

    I used to work for a compàny within a group of companies that got bought out by Amec. They couldn't organise a puiabrewery. After a while the whole thing capsised and everyone from the tea boy to the md was made redundant. I noticè that the same old verbal corporate patter is still being trotted out. There should be mandatory qualifications with strict controls and penalties for anyone supposedly running companies. It can really wreck people's lives.
  22. Sickness bug

    Must be some sort of foreigner. If yer name ain't on the list, yer ain't coming in !!
  23. Yes you'd think that they would be grateful for any assistance.
  24. Sickness bug

    All This last year I've had some sort of viral bug that seems to surface for a week or two and then submèrge for some months. When this started last year, I went to the quacķ because I had been off work. He said that there had been a nasty viral problem doing the rounds in the area for several months. He said that antibiotics wouldnt work and the only thIng that seemed to give people any relief was to Drink a large glass of Apple or orange juice a day and get some vitamin C into the body añd wait it out. This did help a bit. The symptom's that I have are, lack of energy and go. Muscular aches all over. A bit of chest phlem but not much. Random hot and cold sweats It's like a mild flu but not flu. no sore throat, no snots, no headaches, no cough and no squits. It goes away for a couple of months and then comes back. I just feel really rough and weak. The muscle aches are the worst thing. Had noro virus once and the muscular pain was similar. not pleasant and very disabling everything is hard work. The dog does not like it because it gets shorter walks with the Mrs.
  25. Totally agree. It makes you wonder what the motives are of those who put obstructions up against outing peados and the police officers who put more enegy into trying to stop it happening than getting stuck in and bringing the guilty to justice. Perhaps they have inclinations towards this sort of behàviour.?