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Leicester kicking off

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And the Hindus only need a beheading and 2 stoning's to win the series ........ come on Vishnu give it to muhammed.....

All this " you havent got it in you to face these people you dont like ".......how the f**k has a geezer who will only confront people if its on the internet and actually threatens to put people in pr

Don’t fancy the Reporters job, imagine the headache of trying to figure out who to label “far right” & “Neo Nazi” ? Lol 

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15 minutes ago, Lenmcharristar said:

Much was he looking mate, you doing any hunting these days?

Not a clue tbh , nah not done much in ages  got a wee spaniel I'm training and just the one lurcher now 

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1 hour ago, Cunningstunt said:

It’s the Hinduvitas v the sharia islams. It started because of the cricket and now it is about religion.

And the Hindus only need a beheading and 2 stoning's to win the series ....:toast:.... come on Vishnu give it to muhammed..:boxing:...

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40 minutes ago, tatsblisters said:

Can anybody visualise what it's going to be like in another 30 years' time in these areas.

  i have visualised , and boy am i just glad i wont be around, these muslims are prepared to die for there cause, and they will get it, speaking for us brits, shut the curtains and shut it out, we dont wanna no 

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Every now n then, theres this couple walks by my flat, as far as i can make out the young woman is white, i can just about see the whites of her eyes, cos she has a full face covering, she walks down the street , and summat inside tells me its normal for her. maybe back in some muslim shithole but not here, somedays, i just close my door and its forgotten, today, i could rip that face covering right off her face, but i wont,  cos im a brit, i just shut the door, and thats whats wrong, we are brits 

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