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  1. Best attribute to have in a street fight is one. Punch k.o power otherwise it’s best to avoid them.
  2. Ok but I reckon the Ortiz that fought wilder could beat both Chisora and AJ
  3. Wilder beat Ortiz, ain’t he better than chisora?
  4. My family originate from the punjab but I was born in leicester so class my self as English and follow English culture and live buy English values.
  5. My point is it could be worse
  6. At least it ain’t that paki Sadiq khan
  7. It’s the Hinduvitas v the sharia islams. It started because of the cricket and now it is about religion.
  8. Rip the queen and long live the new king
  9. Pimp or armed robber in the 70s
  10. f***ing c**ts the lot of them
  11. You should try face 1997 it’s on YouTube. It’s got Robert carlisle and ray winstone in it
  12. You should of got one from the Turks
  13. Jews maltees Cypriots Irish are all good immigrants that came to London and rest of England.
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