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What you drinking.

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Anyone on the bag tonight?

First sup in 4 weeks here. Shoulder opp and tablets unfortunately!! Got four of these to kick off with and a few different options for later. See how the night goes... Looking forward to it,

10% imperial stout i made 3 year ago. 

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45 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

What is that your wearing on your wrist? Its either a funky shirt or a bondage restraint 


Ah.. it's just the strap on my fit bit watch mate. Don't even know why i wear it to be honest being a piss head and that!!😂

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3 minutes ago, Bush Rummager said:

Looks a nice mix that chief... Belvoir.. I'm just up the road, well, about 20 mile up the road!

I can see the castle from here 👍

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I know my place today chaps :laugh:


She's been at work since 6am today and, she'll be through the door soon so, she can sit down and enjoy this while I knock up a Sunday roast :thumbs:



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3 month off the drink ive had my first few tonight.

jim beam double oak. damn tasty it is too.

have a good weekend everyone.


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On my bill tonight, nobody wants to play out. So I'm having a one man bbq/fire pit. Going to smash on with this cheap cava to start then move on to a brew dog ipa later. 



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I have just been introduced to desperado,  the label has put me off trying it for years. Anyway a good mate said just try it! Damn! I really like it. Its the most expensive bloody bottle in the supermarket beer Isle, but its actually worth it.

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10 minutes ago, Bush Rummager said:

Had a decent shift on the mtb earlier so that's my excuse for a 2 bottler tonight.

Only Adli... but a good one... 13.5% on the fuktometer scale..






What E bike is that rummager?

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