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Back up at the shoot

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It’s been frosty the last couple of mornings, it’s very welcome , hopefully it will kill a few bugs . Unfortunately the Maize and cover crops don’t like it and they will soon be unviable as a drive .

Well our first shoot of the year went well. It was cold but dry and a bit of sun appeared. Bag was 122 head comprising of 57 duck 56 pheasant 7 partridge and 2 pigeon. My own contribution wa

Better the youngster be out in the fields than sat in front of the x box 😁

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Well it looks like Bojo’s ride had got her way with the control of badgers, all badger control to be stopped/fazed out by 2022, now this doesn’t affect us up here as we are not in a cull area, but what really annoys me is their  use of language and figures, to say that shooting is not an acceptable control method and that the animals can suffer is a stupid thing to print as this is the thing that badger botherers pick up on, I was watching something last night and in heavily populated areas some plank was saying they should be trapped and relocated ( spreading the problem) or if there’s no other option, euthanise them, where they would sit in cages for up to 24 hours, panicked and scared, surely shooting them in their natural environment is a much more humane way of controlling them, these people seem to think that everyone involved in farming wants them wiped out and don’t understand that over hundreds of years humans have created this problem, with no natural predators it should be down to us to keep numbers in check


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Lost my uncle/godfather today to covid. Top bloke, the man that got me into farming & shooting. 89yr old & up until few weeks back he was still taking 30yd rabbits with his .177 from living room window. Sad times. 

Me & him in 1992


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Yeah. Worst part his wife of 68 years hasn't been allowed to see him, couldn't say bye & still not allowed to see him. Shit way to go, dying surrounded by strangers in masks. 

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Tonight’s outing will be to a new spot, a 650 acre farm, with a small wood and a boundary on the river tees, now I’m looking forward to a walk around a new spot on my own, not only for the foxes but also to check the deer population as I can take them from this spot, I now need to make the decision of going with the night vision and the .223 or go old school with the lamp and the .243 🤔

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