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Foxing lurchers

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Just now, Hedgehopper2 said:

The dog made our local papers bud,swam into the middle of a boating lake and killed a swan,then promptly retrieved it,

Haa ,was some animal .I got him off c.s when he was about 9 or 10 months old.put plenty of time in with the young dog and he made the grade I was looking for.was a out n out fox dog. Was exceptional off back of a van .

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Saluki bull grey bitch tidy bitch for job   


Collie bull greyhound, very honest dog. Knows he's job very well, knows the sweet spot every time. Lamping him 3 night a week when the moon is right. If I had the time he would lamped 5 nights.

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6 hours ago, SheepChaser said:

My advice for what it’s worth is if you think the dog is worth breeding from and the right bitch comes along, get it bred. Even if you don’t keep a pup, get the blood on the ground. 

I’d be happy to let someone use him on the right bitch. A mate may have a prospect in the next year or so if she keeps doing ok and if he wants to use her then he knows he can even if I didn’t want a pup. He’s seen what he can do and always liked what he seen. Had someone asking about him not long ago but when I started asking a few questions stuff didn’t sound right and not sure bitch was up to much then if I’d have just let him breed and he produced shit I’m not doing right by him. Hopefully hel get something out there or like DC said I can take a few straws. Atb Igz





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