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So leading on from the hard man thread.

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There I was on the Iranian embassy balcony , I just pushed socks and macaleese out of the way ... “step aside home school , there’s a new sheriff in town “  seriously, fedor emalianenko  

Pity your dogs hadn't got that mongo strength you talk about an you're ma for that matter it might have saved your car from getting crushed and that clip of you, getting over a million views, an getti

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4 hours ago, mushroom said:

Bast@rd beat me to it 😂

If my back was against the wall, I guess I'd want the chap from the royals and blues involved. The one who made that huge sniper shot, 1.5mile or something close. He can pick them off before they can reach me 😂

If we are talking a fantasy person then I'd take Batman, he's pretty good in an up close and personal ruck ;)


hold on im a air gunner lol


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3 minutes ago, Stoney100 said:

Well he won’t use the pictures of the dog on preloved again lol

Was it an horrible mess? The dog not the murder scene that is..... 

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6 hours ago, fazza123 said:

Bruce Lee or Nate diaz would be my 2. 

Most good UFC guys would fit the bill though.

yep deff Bruce Lee , i know most was  rehearsed  for the camera  for his films , but in real life he great fighter . few extras  in his films tried to test him off camera  , and he knocked the shit out of them.  Bolo  the big muscle  one and  jim kelly   who could look after him self both said the same, seen him  hit couple off camera  , said he was  hell of a fighter , wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of him , for a 10st man , had unreal  power .

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